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The HCG Diet Starting Phase

The loading phase is the onset of the diet. Phase 1 starts with a two-day feasting. You will eat as much as you can. Load up dense food such as high fats and carbs. Phase 1 is the building up phase. This will prepare your fat stores for the diet duration.

Make sure that you have the complete kit for HCG diet. Check the HCG hormones. These hormones are ready to take. Have a weight loss plan. It is important to know how much weight you want to lose. The goal must be specific attainable and realistic. Give yourself enough reasons why do you have to finish the diet. Stay motivated through the HCG program. Consult and seek advice from your HCG doctor. 100% dedication to the diet is a big help for the weight loss goal.

Start to take the HCG injections. Continue to eat as many as you can. However, do not eat too much. Satisfy your appetite as if it’s the last. This is an important part of the diet. Hitting Phase 1 is an assurance to make through the diet. Do not skip this part.

The HCG Diet loading foods

Make sure that you are healthy before starting the HCG diet. If you are sick, wait until you fully recovered.  Do not start HCG diet once you are having severe diseases. Choose healthy fatty foods. High Carbs and fatty foods are the best foods for Phase 1. Some foods for the two-day gorging:

  • Fried meats, pork, chicken, cream, butter, and cheese
  • Meat bacon, burger, sausage, avocado nut and milkshakes
  • Potatoes, bread, pastries, ice-cream, white rice, cheesecake

Gaining weight in this part is normal. 2 to 5 pounds may be added to your weight during this part. However, this is needed for the maximum weight loss. Seeing weight gain during this phase is typical. 

The Start of the HCG action

Set a date for your HCG diet. Control your lifestyle and diet. Prepare yourself for success. The HCG will take 2 to 3 days to start its work. It will join in the body system. You will introduce the HCG into your body. Starting the VLCD needs enough hormones to burn bad fats. HCG will let go of excess fat tissue. The result of phase 1 is active thru the entire time of the diet. Start weighing yourself during this phase.

For women, start HCG after your period. Men can start HCG as soon as you want. Expect the radical move of HCG in your body. Follow the instructions in loading days. Your commitment starts here. Weight loss is possible if you follow the directions. HCG has provided unique steps. This is a dieter-friendly type of diet.