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One of the causes of major health issues such as weight gain is the consumption of sugar. As a lesson learned, you tend to replace sugar with artificial sweeteners that offer the same taste as sugar. You are not aware that artificial sweeteners are also a pitfall for unhealthy weight. The use of artificial sweeteners is not a solution to avoid sugar and weight gain. It will still lead you to end up gaining weight.

The biggest draw for people when it comes to artificial sweeteners is the simple misleading claim that it has zero-calories. Artificial sweeteners are loaded with calories. It’s the reason why you get fat from drinking diet sodas and other weight loss boosting beverages. The artificial sweetener may help improve the taste of the food but not its nutritional value.

Why you cannot have artificial sweeteners on the HCG diet?

  • Artificial sweeteners can stimulate appetite- the brain has a reward center so when you eat delicious food, it stimulates your appetite. The good feeling that you get from eating sweet foods gives an open way to your cravings. Artificial sweeteners make you hungrier and end up binge eating.
  • It can drain your energy- Artificial sweeteners can cause running out of calories. It will lead your body to seek more fuel. It’s the reason why you tend to eat too much until your energy level crashes. Draining your energy can result in tiredness and hunger.
  • It can disrupt gut bacteria- Artificial sweeteners damage your gut bacteria in a short period. Gut bacteria are a natural part of your body that helps during digestion. The distraction of the bacteria can cause harmful conditions during the HCG diet. It leads to cravings and increases your appetite. It also affects your metabolism and makes it much harder for your body to control your weight. A strong metabolism is important for fast and safe weight loss.
  • Artificial sweeteners can cause weight gain- Long term studies have found that if you are using artificial sweeteners it can increase your risk of having obesity. It can also cause high blood sugar and type 2 diabetes.

Alternatives for artificial sweetener during the HCG diet

Stevia is known as a replacement for sweeteners during the HCG diet. It is a plant-based product that has low calories which is edible for the HCG diet. You can add an ample amount of stevia to your food and drinks during the HCG diet. You can use it for your cup of tea or coffee. Discontinue your use of stevia when there are persistent rates of hunger and cravings.

Fruits such as apples can also provide a sweet treat without causing weight gain. You can replace your sugary drinks with a handful of apple or other HCG diet-approved fruits. Keep your weight under control by sticking to natural food options.

Sugar is a well-known sweetener that you should avoid during the HCG diet. To avoid sugar cravings, take your HCG shots every day. It will help you avoid a wide range of cravings and addiction to sweet foods. Make sure that you are eating the right portion of protein, vegetables, and fruits during the HCG diet.