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The HCG diet offers one of the most effective ways to lose weight. It has minimal side effects which you have nothing to worry about. The HCG offers a weight loss result from 0.2 to 1 pound per day. The HCG diet also has the safest very low-calorie diet regimen. When you start taking HCG shots and reduce your calorie the hormone will burn your excess fats.

Other weight-loss regimens can result in muscle loss during the VLCD. But, the HCG diet will preserve your muscle mass during fat metabolism. It only means that during the HCG diet you will only lose fats and leave your muscle mass behind. The HCG improves the firmness and strength of your muscle during the fat-burning state.

Why use HCG for fat loss?

  • Because HCG works for everyone

The HCG is not only for obese people but also for everyone who desires to lose weight. Regardless if you are male or female you can lose a large amount of weight through the HCG diet. The HCG can help people with lower weight loss goals achieve rapid results. You can start by setting your weight loss goal and follow the protocol. The duration of taking your HCG shots and VLCD is from 3 to 6 weeks.

  • HCG prevents your body from starvation mode

The HCG will prevent your body from going to hunger pains when you cut down calorie intake. The VLCD during the HCG diet will not ruin your metabolism because your body will be getting through the breakdown of your body fats. Once the HCG starts working, your metabolism will continue to function at a normal level. Unlike other diets, the HCG will not gain back the fats that you already lost. It protects you from gaining weight through healthy habits and low-calorie foods.

  • The HCG will help you see rapid fat loss

The HCG gives fast results on your weight loss. You can see the progress every morning when you step into your weighing scale. Along with rapid weight loss, the HCG also reduces symptoms of weight-related diseases. The HCG also boosts your energy levels as your body starts to detoxify from unhealthy food chemicals. It’s the reason why you can see a large amount of weight loss every day within two weeks.

  • The HCG improves your metabolism

Aside from detoxifying your body, the HCG will also improve your metabolism. It resets your brain to reduce cravings and prevents you from eating unhealthy foods. As your metabolic rate rises, you will also lose a significant amount of fat. The HCG will change your appetite so you will not feel the urge to eat an excessive amount of food.

Before you start the HCG diet make sure that you visit your doctor or dietician for advice. HCG diet program requires medical consultation so that you can assure that you can lose weight safely and healthily. Allow your doctor or dietician to set limitations for you. Inform your physician if you have existing diseases so that you can have a specific guide for your VLCD.