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Why is Water Essential for Your Health on the HCG Diet?

Why is Water Essential for Your Health on the HCG Diet?

Water helps in balancing sodium and calories in your body. It is essential to drink an adequate amount of water per day on the HCG diet. It has zero calories but, it helps in maintaining your satiety during the VLCD. Drink at least 2 liters of water per day to stave off toxins and chemicals from your body.

Here are the Health Benefits of Water during the HCG Diet:

  • Water helps in lubricating your joints. It acts as a shock absorber and lessens joint pain when incorporating an exercise routine.
  • Water prevents dehydration and its impact on your body while losing weight.
  • Water balances your saliva and mucus to increase digestion. It breaks down starch and lubricates your mouth.
  • It prevents aging and premature wrinkling.
  • It also cushions the brain and spinal cord that improves brain alertness.
  • Water also regulates body temperature and prevents heat stroke.
  • It flushes toxins from your body and aids the HCG in burning excess calories.
  • It is essential for body functions and prevents constipation. It also helps you in regular sweating, urination, and eliminating waste.
  • It prevents ulcers and heartburn during the VLCD.
  • Water helps in balancing your blood pressure and prevents inflammation.
  • It helps in preventing kidney stones and id\ndigestion.
  • Water helps the body in excreting waste products and water weights to prevent retention.

Does Water Help in Burning Fats during the HCG Diet?

Water may assist in weight loss, but it is not the foremost reason you are losing fats. Water is beneficial when dieting as it acts as a metabolic booster and curbs your cravings. When you drink water before your meal, it helps in keeping your calorie intake low. Water sends a feeling of satiety to your body without adding calories. It also helps your body in dealing with cravings without giving in to your indulgences.

Hunger is typical on the first few days of the second phase. Nonetheless, drinking a glass of water keeps you from reaching a bottle of soda and other unhealthy drinks. It prevents you from making mistakes in determining starvation and cravings. Before you think of grabbing an unhealthy snack, drink water to curb your cravings. Water helps in maintaining your satiety and promotes weight loss.

Water to Shed Water Weights

Water retention occurs due to dietary error. When you load lots of salt or sodium, it can hold water in your body. Sodium intake is the typical cause of the weight loss plateau. Drinking an adequate amount of water can help you stave off the water weights. Water provides hydration and cleanses your body from excess sodium and other unwanted calories.

How to Increase your Water Intake on the HCG Diet?

Replace unhealthy drinks with water to avoid stimulating your appetite. You can also make fresh fruit juice from freshly squeezed lemon. Add some ice cubes and stevia to taste. Avoid adding sugar and other unhealthy ingredients because they can delay your progress. By omitting processed beverages, you can reach maximum weight loss. Drinking an adequate amount of water boosts your mood and prevents headaches.