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Why does the HCG diet works than other weight loss regimens?

Why does the HCG diet works than other weight loss regimens?

The major weight issue today is obesity. It has been a common problem for most people in the US. This is a complex disease that involves an excessive amount of body fat. These body fats do not only affect your shape but also with your health. This is a medical problem with causes diabetes, hypertension, and even cancer. Obesity is alarming especially today that the world is experiencing pandemic.

The COVID-19 hits hard mostly if you have a weak immune system. Chronic diseases that are caused by obesity can weaken the immune system. That is why it is important to maintain a healthy weight during these times. This pandemic is the best time to take time in losing weight. This is because you are just in the comfort of your home. The HCG diet can also be done at home. You do not need to hit the gym or undergo weight loss surgery. This is because the HCG diet is a natural weight loss aid.

HCG diet is not difficult to maintain because the diet is not a total strict weight loss routine. The HCG diet generates rapid weight loss without having rigorous activities. That is why most people chooses the HCG diet.

How does the HCG diet works?

The HCG diet works from a hormone that is naturally produced in both men and women. Women produce it specifically during pregnancy. The natural property of the HCG is an ideal thing that can help in treating obesity. The diet is done along with a Very Low Calorie Diet. It changes your metabolism that increases fat loss. It stimulates the hormone in the hypothalamus that increases fat burning. HCG curbs appetite and stops yours from indulging too much on food.

HCG diet is better than other weight loss regimen because you do not have to go to the gym. The HCG diet will not consume most of your time and energy. It can fit your own schedule. The results are also fast and encouraging as long as you follow the protocol. Other weight loss regimen forces you to spend too much time and energy in burning fats. On the HCG diet, you can simply lose weight even when you are just sitting.

Is VLCD a depriving phase of the HCG diet?

The diet that restricts the entire food group is unhealthy. It is difficult to follow because you get bored with the usual meal. The HCG diet does not totally forbid you. There are many delicious treats you can find online that are approved by the diet protocol. The reality is that the HCG is not depriving at all. It just allows you to have the best food that does not just help you lose weight but also maintain a healthy body.

The HCG diet teaches you to carefully select the best foods not to satisfy your own cravings but to the nutritional needs of your body. Start with organic foods or those that are freshly picked products. Avoid highly processed foods for better weight loss.

Why does the HCG diet works compare to other regimens?

  • Improved Metabolic Function

In other weight loss programs, your hunger gets worst when you cut down your intake of calories. Your body can feel hunger pains and starvation. This eventually slows down your metabolism making it slow to burn fats. The opposite thing happens on the HCG diet. It instructs your body to use the fat reserves as a supply of energy. Through this, your metabolism is speeding up and burn more body fats.

  • Energy Increase

Losing weight through other weight loss protocols can cause a lack of energy. It leads to exhaustion, irritability, and will eventually make you stop losing weight. The HCG diet on the other hand will use adipose fat tissue and makes it a valuable source of energy. This is why there is a lot of significant energy increase from most of the HCG dieters. You will start to shed fats from your belly, arms, butt, face, neck, and thighs.

  • HCG diet preserves muscle mass

There are many weight loss regimens that can make you lose weight just in a snap. This is a bad way because it stops the essence of a real diet. It burns even the good fats in your body including muscle. The HCG diet has more advantages because it does not touch even a single muscle mass. It preserves your muscle and only burns the stubborn fats. This includes recovery from all the weight-related diseases.

  • There will be no associated hunger

Most weight loss process that requires cutting down food intake leads to severe hunger. The HCG may require you to maintain the 500 calorie intake per day but it does not cause harm in your body. This is because of the presence of the diet hormone. It will just pull calories from stored fats. You will also be able to develop healthy eating habits as well as healthy food choices during the VLCD. You won’t be experiencing disturbing hunger pains.

Tips during the second phase of the HCG diet

  • Eat slowly to avoid overeating. The faster you eat, the more foods you will accidentally load.
  • Only drink coffee, tea, or water during breakfast. Avoid sugar and creamers. If you want a sweet treat you can use the approved sweetener for the VLCD such as stevia. You can have milk but it is only for 1 tablespoon for the entire day.
  • Avoid flavored coffee, water, and other drinks that have calories such as soda and fruit juices. Refer to the diet food list for more food choices.
  • Choose the leanest cut of meat as your protein source. Weigh the meat raw before cooking. Avoid using cooking oils, butter, and other fatty products during the VLCD.
  • Weigh every morning to keep you on track. This must be done to all the phases of the HCG diet. You can also take body measurements if you want.
  • Be careful with food serving sizes. You can use a small serving plate to avoid too many calories. Cook and prepare your meals at home to avoid cheating.