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The steps for successful weight loss appear simple. The loading days start on day 1 of taking your HCG shots as directed. Begin your weight loss journey being informed well so that you can make it to success. The loading days are just two days however, it is very important. You must comply with the diet protocol to get the best result. The loading days brings significance in reaching your success.

The loading of fatty foods

Your goal during this phase is to load on as many fatty foods as you can. You can eat foods that are high in calories, sugar and carbs. The purpose of this is to prepare your fats stores for a very low-calorie diet. Remember that you only have 48 hours to prepare your fats stores. The best thing you can do is to eat as much as you can but make sure that you will not get sick. You can eat meat such as hamburgers, cheese cream, sausages, cakes, pastries, and dairy products.

What beverages are allowed during the P1 of the HCG diet?

You are free to have any beverages or drinks during this phase. However, it is encourage starting cutting your intake of drinks and beverages that undergoes the process. You can drink milk, fruits juices and wine. Soda and alcohol are still allowed. However, to avoid intimidation or constant occurrence of hunger during P2 you have to cut down your intake as early as now.

What to expect when you start the P1 of the HCG diet?

There will be an expected weight gain. This is not a surprising effect because you already know what will happen when you eat a lot. You do not have to worry about the added weights because you will just drop it off as soon as the HCG took place in your system. You will also expect that there are changes in metabolism. This is a normal response of your body to the style of loading. When the HCG is fully in your system your body will start to burn fats and reset your metabolism.

Expect that weight loss is not immediate

Starting the HCG diet does not mean that you will lose weight right away. Weight loss takes to process and time. That is why there is a protocol to follow so that you will reach your weight loss goal. P1 is when you start administering the HCG shot. It will not work right away and burn your fats in a snap. You need to stick to the protocol and wait for P2. It is when the rapid fat burning takes place. The P1 of the loading dis just a preparation phase to be able to succeed for the rest of your weight loss.

What will you expect when you skip the loading days?

If you skip the loading days you will expect the constant occurrence of hunger during the very low-calorie diet. There will be no exact amount of fats stored in your body. Skipping the P1 will sabotage the entire process of your weight loss. It also opens a big possibility of nausea, hunger pain and increases appetite will happen during the VLCD.

What can you expect when the loading days are over?

You will expect to be ready for the fat burning. You will feel full and energetic after the loading days. When you accomplish the loading days it is already your time to proceed right away to the VLCD. Put all your motivation, effort and time to start off the fat burning. Can you extend the loading days? No. you cannot extend the loading days because the maximum days to do it is only 2 days. Doing it beyond two days will result in other complications and you may find hard to start your VLCD.

How does the HCG work in your body during the loading days?

The HCG will start to regulate a certain region in your brain that is responsible for digestion and metabolism. It starts to control the brain process that affects your ability to lose weight. The HCG will start to manage your fat storage, thyroid and other parts that are relevant for weight loss. The loading days allow the HCG to work on the releasing of a certain amount of hormone to be able to set the rate of your metabolism.

When HCG is incorporated to your loading phase it will begin to kick start your metabolic rate and make it rapid during the VLCD. Make sure that you know the proper ways of using your HCG diet kit especially on administering your daily HCG shot. Remember to have your HCG shot every morning right after you get up from the bed.

What are the things you need to prepare for your HCG shot?

  • The HCG diet kit– this includes the injection and the weight loss hormone. Make sure to purchase the HCG according to the duration of your weight loss. See to it that the hormone is clear or there is no contamination upon purchasing.
  • The alcohol wipes and cotton– These will be used for cleaning the area of your body where you will do your injection. Cotton is used to dry the area after before and after injecting the HCG.
  • Sterile Water-it is a solution that will help prevent bacterial growth. Sterile water is not for drinking.

How to administer the HCG?

  • Wash your hands properly and dry it before holding the kit
  • Locate the area of your body where there are too many fats (ex. The belly or abdomen)
  • Clean the area in your body with alcohol wipes and cotton where you will do the shot.
  • Load your syringe with HCG pinch the fat tissue in the desired area of your body.
  • Inject the HCG slowly inside the fat tissue and release it by pushing the plunger
  • Wipe and dry the area after administering the HCG shot. Do not forget to keep a record of your daily shot
  • Throw the empty HCG containers and used needles after using. Keep your HCG kit in a cool dry place.