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Cheating on HCG!

Cheating happens to the best of us. We hope it will not happen to you. If you have a great amount of weight to lose, you’re going to make a mistake. We all know that cheating is bad. It can keep you from seeing progress. The first thing you will do to get back on track is to beat yourself up. Make the HCG diet as a growing and learning process. Complete the hcg diet as good as you can.

A lot of dieters tend to feel that they should stop. Some of them want to start over when they cheat. No need to do this! Do not let one mistake dictate your hcg diet result. Lose the weight you want and keep moving forward. Take off the negativities and regrets. Get where you want to be! Focus on what you can do and not to what had happened. Make sure not to fall on the self-pity trap.

An Apple a day can fix a cheat

HCG dieters go right away for the apple day. However, an apple a day may not help you from a cheat. An apple a day is not made to fix cheating. Its main goal is to break a natural weight loss plateau. There are good carbs and sugar in an apple. If you gained weight or cheated, would not you have eaten something with sugar and carbs?

Best steps to fix a Cheat:

  1. Drink up! – The HCG diet goes along with water replacement. It helps flush toxins, fat, and sodium. Make sure to drink enough water.
  2. Eat clean – Many dieters wonder how to eat clean on a 500 calorie diet. There is no book on how to fix a cheat. Lowering sugar and carbs may help. Calories can be replaced with veggies. You may also remove some amount of fruits, Melba toast. Protein and vegetables can help to recover cheating.
  3. Still no Exercise. – An Exercise on the HCG diet is not allowed. Many dieters thought that exercise can burn calories off. Yes, it can, but HCG diet is different. Having exercise is a disastrous plan. It will lead to tiredness and fatigue and may lead to hunger. This may cause or lead you to cheat.

Prevent Cheating by Taking Actions

Stop cheating by figuring out why you cheated in the first place. Take actions like planning your meal ahead of time. Schedule your diet round so it will not delay. Prevent cheating by staying on the protocol. Have a proper routine and continue the weight loss. Be patient to wait for success. Make sure not to cheat again. Cheating is very upsetting when you are on the HCG diet.