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Losing weight has recommended guidelines that you need to follow to be able to reach your weight loss goal. To be successful with your HCG diet you have to comply with the protocol. It helps you reach the daily requirements of the HCG diet and avoid problems. However, no matter how dedicated you are there are still pitfalls that may happen unexpectedly. That is why you have to know the dos and don’ts of the diet program before embarking on it. You must be knowledgeable enough especially when you are doing the HCG diet.

The VLCD of the HCG diet

The VLCD is the part of the HCG diet that you need to cut down your intake of calories. The VLCD is done on the third day of maintaining your HCG shot. You can start it as soon as you accomplish your loading phase of the preparation stage. The P2 or the VLCD is also known as the heart of the HCG diet. It is no joke at all because you will be starting to live a new lifestyle and habits. This means that you have to stop all the things that cause you to gain weight.

The VLCD is also the time that the work of the HCG in burning your body fats and resetting your metabolic rate happens. This means that the diet hormone is working on your body in targeting your fats stores without harming your muscle mass. It also supplies the needed energy of your body through the burned fats. It reaches and controls a certain region in your brain that is responsible for digestion and metabolism. Thus, curbs hunger and cravings.

Things that stop you from losing weight on VLCD of the HCG diet

  • You overdo your exercise– Strenuous activities are not allowed during the VLCD of the HCG diet. It is because of the low calorie that you are eating which means that your energy is just enough for your normal activities. If you accompany extreme exercises it may consume your energy and elevates your stress levels. A high-stress level will cause weight gain naturally.
  • You are eating the wrong food– Unhealthy foods can slow down your weight loss and may stop it as well. This is because of the ingredients and the level of calories that it has which may go beyond the limitation of the HCG diet. You must eat the prescribed foods in the right amounts and the right order on the HCG Diet. Refer to the provided food list for more food choices during the VLCD.
  • You are dehydrated- You have to consume 2 liters of water each day when you are on the VLCD. If you fail to drink enough water your body will find hard to release the burned fats and body toxins. Water will break down fats and help HCG in speeding up your metabolic rate.
  • You get bored with your meal- If you have a repetitive meal every day you tend to get bored. This will lead you to do cheating which is dangerous for the HCG diet. That is why you must be familiar with the food list for you to have more food choices to avoid getting bored. You can also create your recipe but make sure that the food choices are in the diet food list. It must also not go beyond the required calorie intake during the VLCD.

Above mentioned are just some of the things that stop you from losing weight during the HCG diet. Provide a diet journal so that you can keep a record of your daily weigh-in, daily activities and food intake. Keeping a diet record will help you track the cause of weight loss stall or the cause of why you stop losing weight. If you follow the diet protocol you will be able to avoid the weight loss barriers.

The basics on what to do during the VLCD of the HCG diet

#1- Have your daily HCG shot on time

For HCG injections it is going to be125ius or 150ius for most. You must have your HCG shot at the same time each day to be able to reach maximum weight loss. Make sure you will not go on 24 hours without your HCG shot. Set a reminder on your phone to avoid missed dose.

#2- Make sure to complete the calorie requirements

VLCD does not mean that it is fine to skip your meals. You still have to complete your meal according to the calorie requirements per day. Make sure that you complete the 500 to 800 calorie needed for the entire day to prevent nutritional deficiency. Your HCG meal will also help in maintaining your metabolic rate. You are allowed to split your 500 calorie meal into 5 portions. This is a safe technique to stay full all day especially when you have just started your VLCD.

#3- Eat foods only when you are physically hungry

Physical hunger is a sign that your body is running out of nutrients. Physical hunger is when you feel physical huger pain and not hunger that is caused by your emotions. You have to be careful with determining the kind of hunger you have especially when you are emotionally troubled. You might end up eating t comfort your emotions.  Choose foods that are low in calories. Avoid eating when you are not hungry because you might end up binge eating.

#4-Weigh your food before cooking

Your body is sensitive to your food intake especially when you are doing the VLCD. Weighing your foods before cooking is a healthy way of food portioning. It allows you to have the target amount of calories that you will eat in each meal. Weighing of food is important especially to the protein choices.

VLCD foods that are in the HCG diet food list

  • Asparagus, beet greens, and celery
  • Cabbage, Chicory, fennel, and chard
  • Cucumber, lettuce, onions and spinach
  • Broccoli, radish, and tomatoes
  • Grapefruits, apples, oranges and lemon
  • Strawberries, apricot, peach and pear
  • Lean beef meat, chicken breast and fish