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The HCG diet suggests consumption of 500 calories during phase 2. This is a safe way of calorie cut down because of HCG. It only means that you are not allowed to cut down the intake of calories without the HCG. You have to administer the diet injection at the same time each day to help you lose weight faster. The HCG also helps in resetting your brain for a faster metabolism.

HCG is responsible for curbing your hunger during the first few days of the VLCD. It targets fats in the hard to reach areas of your body. The fats are used as a source of energy during weight loss instead of taking energy from foods. You can reach your weight loss goal through the HCG diet protocol.

Proofs that the HCG diet is a safe weight loss protocol

  • It does not take too long to work on weight loss

The regular use of the HCG will show a great result. It works right away for your weight loss goal. The HCG acts very fast on the stubborn fats in various parts of your body. The fat metabolism will eventually take place as soon as you start using the HCG. The weight loss on the HCG diet depends on your weight loss goal. The more weight you want to lose the longer your diet duration will be. However, you do not have to be worried because it will show you great results.

  • HCG diet promotes a “nutrient-rich” process

This is attained through the help of the foods during your weight loss. HCG diet only allows for healthy food choices. Healthy loading is accompanied by doing healthy habits. Your body can be revived faster because of the nutrients you can get from the foods. You can also maintain the health of your muscle and bones. This is because HCG only targets your fats without touching a single mass of your muscle.

  • The natural and organic products always help

Natural and organic products are bound to be safe. The HCG alone is natural because it is from the natural hormones of pregnant women. There are also common cases that losing weight through the HCG diet will prevent future weight-related diseases. Organic products are more nutritious than those common products you can buy in the market. Natural and organic products help cleanse your body. It renews your body and gives you a break from unhealthy food ingredients. It can also help the HCG in reaching your weight loss goal.