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Taking the HCG injections at the same time each day can be challenging. Missing a dose of HCG is one of the common mistakes that happen especially when you are not used to having daily medications. Missing an HCG shot is not new to everybody even to successful dieters of HCG weight loss program. It is important to set goals and daily plans to avoid missing a dose. Ensure to maintain healthy eating along with your HCG shots. Cut your calorie intake to 500 calories per day to boost weight loss and metabolism.

What will you do if you missed an HCG shot?

  • The first thing you need to do is to recall if you took it or not. There are cases that you double a dose because you thought you missed it. So, it is important to have a notebook for record-keeping on your daily shots.
  • When you miss one dose, do not panic. There is plenty of HCG that stays in your system from your last shot. It means that you can wait until the next day without having hunger pains. A single shot of HCG lasts in your system for 72 hours. The HCG that is left in your system will help you continue to adhere to the diet to see weight loss.
  • Another thing you need to consider is if whether you will take your shot or not. When it is still early you can have your shots. However, if you remember it in the afternoon, you should wait for the next day. It will keep you from double dosing. Accidental double dosing is not harmful but, it will also not increase weight loss.
  • Take action right away if you miss your shot to prevent it from happening again. Take your HCG shots in the morning as soon as you get up from the bed. Record your daily shots in a diet journal. You should also include your daily weigh-ins to keep a record of your progress.

Can you have a maximum weight loss if you accidentally miss a shot?

Yes, it is possible to reach your weight loss goal even if you missed a single dose. However, if you keep doing it you might not reach your weight loss goal. Take note that rapid weight loss only happens because of the HCG. Missing a dose more often can ruin the process and may not result in weight loss at all. The best time to take your shots is every morning because you are not yet busy. You tend to forget it when you take your shots in mid-afternoon or at night.

Do not take your HCG doses too close together. Make sure to have a 24 hours interval before you take the next one. It will help you maintain a normal level of HCG that burns your body fats. Ensure that you are getting not too much or not too little doses to continue weight loss. Along with your daily shot, you should also maintain 500 calories per day.