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HCG diet is conceptualized by Dr. Simeons. This is designed for weight loss in the year 1950 up to this day. This unique weight loss program is based on his book. This is a rapid weight loss protocol. It helps in shedding pounds in just a few weeks. It is advisable to follow the protocol to the best you can to avoid immunity. The mechanism to immunity is not yet defined. It is believed that the body learns to break down and discard the HCG. This is the reason why one should not take HCG in 40 days just for 1 round. The first round of HCG is done in 40 days. That is why the second round is done after 6 weeks. This will help in avoiding HCG hormones immunity. The allowed foods for this diet are the foods that are mentioned by Dr. Simeons.

Stop cheating and drinking alcohol. These are very harmful in the HCG diet. If you are used to cheating with your diet before, you must end it. Bad habits must be stopped while you are doing the weight loss regimen. You are also not allowed to do heavy workouts and exercise. During the protocol, you need to have plenty of water and fiber. This will help in keeping off the fats away. Wait for at least 2 to 3 weeks after you cheat. The bad eating habits and routine are contributors to weight gain. To avoid immunity and weight loss stall, you should follow the protocol of the diet. The hcg diet protocol has a complete guide and instructions. You can use this in the first or even the second round of the diet.

The signs of immunity to HCG are weakness and hunger. To avoid any problems, do not use the HCG hormones for 490 days. However, you still have to continue healthy eating. The HCG diet resets the hypothalamus gland and burns fats. It resets the metabolism and the body for weight loss. This is the permanent weight loss solution for weight loss. HCG diet has no serious side effects except headache. However, this can be avoided by doing the diet plan well. To avoid the immunity, you have to load the proper foods. Use the exact amount of the HC hormones the same time each day. See to it that you do not miss a single dose of the hormones. Do not do the VLCD if you do not inject the HCG.