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Avoid expecting a large quantity of fat loss. It will lead you to do extreme things for weight loss. Always remember that extreme things do not do well on your body. Avoid the diet program that will make you lose muscle and fat. Be careful with the weight loss trick because it will also track your health. Some dieting programs will cause you to lose weight but will gain it back right away. Losing weight must be health-friendly.

Weight loss tricks that you must avoid during the HCG diet

Trick #1 Extreme exercise

Reaching your weight loss goal is done by making small changes that will last a lifetime. An extreme exercise can also help in shedding pounds but it destroys your muscle. Extreme exercise will ruin the leanness of your muscles. It will also trigger your stress level to elevate. The high-stress level can lead you to emotional eating. The high-stress level alone can trigger your natural hormones in your body. Thus, causes you to gain weight naturally. Emotional eating is also a way of eating that makes you find comfort in foods. Extreme exercise will just cause calorie shutdown and lowers your energy. You are only allowed to have at least 10 to 15 minutes of light exercises. However, you are not allowed to do it if you are hungry or tired.

Trick #2 loading on carbs

A high intake of carbs can lead to weight gain. It will also stop the work of HCG in your body. You are not allowed to have carbs during the VLCD of the HCG diet. This is to help your body to successfully transition to a healthy lifestyle. You are just allowed to have carbs after the VLCD or during the weight-loss maintenance. Carbs are one of the contributors to weight gain and obesity.

Trick #3 working out on an empty stomach

Working out on an empty stomach will cause fatigue, extreme hunger pain and consumes your energy. It will make your body goes after sugar that is stored and causes muscle breakdown. Work out is not allowed during the HCG diet. It consumes your energy that leads to hunger. Working out with an empty stomach causes you to eat too much food in the next meal. Thus, it causes faster weight gain and may stop the work of HCG. Extreme exercise in some cases causes bone and muscle loss.

Trick # 4 no to foods that will extremely boost metabolic rate

A high metabolic rate is better if you are trying to lose weight. However, too much of it will cause extreme weight loss and diseases. The HCG alone can work properly in resetting your metabolic rate for faster weight loss. Your metabolic rate is important in reaching your weight loss goal. The HCG will adjust and reset your metabolic rate to reach your weight loss goal.

Trick #5 Skipping meals

This will make you hungry and will deprive you of enjoying various foods. Skipping meals will just cause nutritional deficiency. Skipping meals often result in a “backlash binge”. Skipping meals can cause hunger and may lead you to eat too much on your next meal. Each meal is important in maintaining a healthy weight loss. It supplies the needed nutrient of your body and maintains the proper amount of energy. Skipping meals does not help you in losing weight. One thing you can do is to control your food intake and not skip your meals.

What are the healthy weight loss tips for the HCG diet?

  • Improve and follow the HCG diet protocol

A healthy weight loss protocol can help you reach your weight loss goal. It also helps in maintaining a disease-free body for a long time. You have to follow the HCG diet protocol for greater results. The HCG diet protocol will assist you in reaching your weight loss goal. It is also your key to accomplishing all the requirements in each phase of the HCG diet. The diet protocol has the complete list of the foods and the activities that you are allowed to do.

  • Stop your intake of unhealthy food choices

These are the food that has more than one ingredient. Stay away from sugar, oily foods, refined foods, and other processed foods. Be careful with the foods you purchase and make sure it is free from unhealthy ingredients. The unhealthy food choices will cause weight gain, weight-related diseases, and may also stop you from losing weight. You are also not allowed to go back to your unhealthy eating habits. Always remember that your unhealthy food choices and habits are the reason why you gain weight. Cut down alcohol and other processed drinks.

  • Deal with stress right away

Do not prolong your stress because it can cause weight gain. It releases a certain hormone in your body that relates to your appetite. It will lead you to eat too much food for comfort. Relieve stress by doing yoga, meditation, and even have enough time to sleep.  Do not prolong your stress because it might ruin your HCG diet. You also have to improve your sleep pattern. Sleeping will renew and boost your energy. It also improves your focus and lowers stress levels.

  • Eat healthy meals

Choose food that has low calories and high nutrients. The foods that are allowed in the HCG diet are rich in vitamins and minerals. It is also helpful in weight loss and maintaining a healthy body. Eat vegetables, fruits, and lean meat choices to reach your weight loss goal. Healthy food choices lower or curb your hunger and cravings. The essential nutrients that your body needs for weight loss are found in fruits and vegetables.

  • Stay hydrated

Thirsts are often misunderstood as hunger. That is why you have to drink water when you feel hungry. Water will curb hunger and cravings. It also helps in washing out toxins from your body. Hydration also promotes weight loss. It can also help in distributing food nutrients in various parts of your body.