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Water and HCG Injections- Maintaining Hydration during the HCG Diet

Water and HCG Injections- Maintaining Hydration during the HCG Diet

It is essential to understand the role of water in reaching your weight loss goal. Lack of water can slow down your metabolism and stimulates your appetite. Mild dehydration can slow down your metabolism up to 3%. It is essential to consume water every day to suppress your appetite and maintain bodily functions.

A glass of water before your meal can counteract hunger and other triggers of cravings. Lack of water can cause your body to hold fluid and results in water retention. When your body burns fats during the HCG diet, water helps the kidneys to eliminate waste from the body.

If you are on the HCG diet, you are aware of the role of hydration in the body. Water is essential when taking the HCG injections. Track your water intake every day to avoid drinking less or too much than what is permissible.

Water Requirements on the HCG Diet

Drink at least 2 liters of water every day but, avoid drinking it all at once. Avoid using flavored water because it can cause weight gain. Aside from water, you can also have unsweetened tea and coffee. Note that too much water can also affect your overall health.

Ensure that you are drinking enough amount every day to avoid imbalances of sodium in the body. Drinking too much water can cause headaches, fatigue, dizziness, and fainting in some cases. The advisable water on the HCG diet is Mineral water.

Tips to Drink the Right Amount of Water on the HCG Diet

  1. Drink water when you feel hungry. Thirst can sometimes mislead you toating lots of foods. When you feel starving, drink a glass of water and wait a little while before you eat. Water can suppress cravings due to thirst.
  2. Drink water throughout the day. Avoid drinking water all at once because it can affect the balance of sodium. Drinking 2 liters of water is also life-threatening. It is better to drink a glass of water per hour or before eating. It can suppress your appetite and manage your calorie intake.
  3. Check the color of your urine every morning. It defines the level of your hydration. When the color of your urine is darker, you need to drink more water. Weigh yourself every day because dehydration can cause weight gain due to water retention.

How Does Water Help the Diet?

Water can mitigate water retention due to loads of salt on your diet. Water can also boost your satiety and controls your eating pace. It can also release excess calories from the seasonings you add to your food. The goal of the HCG injection is to burn fats. Water helps to stave off toxic substances from your fat stores through urination. It helps your liver and kidney in processing the toxins.

Lack of water can often lead to confusion in determining hunger and thirst. Maintain your hydration to alleviate cravings and maintain optimal health. Bring a bottle of water when you go somewhere to avoid buying processed drinks.