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The HCG diet is a natural weight loss aid. It has been proven to treat obesity for years. It works safely in dealing with your body fats. The HCG also resets your metabolism and suppresses your appetite during the VLCD. The HCG increases weight loss beyond what you lose from cutting back on calories. It works fast in your body as long as you strictly follow the protocol.

There are HCG diet accelerator has been spreading in the market place. It has misleading claims that it can increase the work of the HCG in your body. This product has different forms and versions such as pills and drops. You have to avoid these products because it has nothing to do with HCG. The spreading accelerator pill has dangerous ingredients. It will put your health at risk.

Weight loss accelerator and HCG diet

Weight loss accelerator pills do NOT speed up your weight loss. The name and claims of this product are misleading. It can slow down your normal rate of weight loss while on the HCG diet. Do not purchase any forms of this product. The reason why you are losing weight is only because of the HCG. The HCG speeds up the fat burning during the VLCD. It will be dangerous to implement a very low-calorie diet without HCG.

Does weight loss accelerators have active ingredient of HCG?

The weight loss accelerators have no single ingredient of HCG. Accelerators are just regular supplements. There is nothing special about its ingredients. The active ingredients of this product are not known to help you lose weight. Stick to the HCG approved products. You can see better result if you stick to the original protocol of the HCG diet.

HCG diet accelerator is just a waste of money

The HCG diet is a safe and straightforward weight loss aid. It saves your time, energy, and money. The HCG diet accelerator on the other hand is a waste of money. Using a weight loss booster is not even allowed in the entire protocol of the diet. To ensure safety and to save money, buy the HCG from approved suppliers.

Safe way to boost your weight loss during the P2 of the HCG diet

  • It must be supervised by health professionals

Start your HCG diet with a medical assessment. The medical assessment will make sure that you have no diseases upon starting the diet. HCG diet must be supervised by professionals to ensure the proper calorie intake.

  • Eat the HCG diet-approved foods

The food choices in your food list are wisely chosen for your weight loss. It has low calories and can work along with the HCG. The HCG diet-approved foods are low in calories. You can have a portion of vegetables, lean protein, and fruits in each meal.

  • Maintaining the HCG shot

Without the HCG you cannot lose weight. The HCG safely curbs your hunger. It converts the burned fats as your energy source during the VLCD. You can achieve rapid weight loss by maintaining your HCG shot.