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Your weight loss during the HCG diet flows properly when you follow healthy habits. This means that you surrender fully to the diet protocol to help you in losing weight. There are things that you need to develop to boost weight loss. There are also things or habits that you must stop for you to start losing weight. You have to stop doing the habit that causes you to gain weight. Start to adopt new habits as soon as you step into the HCG diet.

On the HCG diet, you have to avoid the foods that slow down weight loss. Some foods often cause cravings and lead us to emotional eating. You have to be careful with your choices and actions and make sure that it does not affect your weight loss process.

The effects of unhealthy habits during the HCG diet

  • It stimulates appetite- Too much alcohol makes you find hard in food portioning. It is because it raises the appetite or ability of the body to eat more. This makes you hungrier and causes a hard time in controlling hunger pains. This eventually led to overeating and unhealthy snacking. It will ruin the HC diet and the work of the HCG hormones.
  • It lowers your metabolic rate- Your body will use the calories and other unhealthy food ingredients as a fuel. The protein and carbs will eventually turn into fats. This eventually stored as unhealthy body fats in the hard to reach areas in your body. This is because the calories and unhealthy food ingredients stop fat burning and affect normal metabolism.
  • It causes less sleeping time- Good sleep is vital in the body for the rest of the organs. It also helps the body in proper metabolism. Unhealthy habits and foods can trigger cravings and put the body at risk. Lack of sleep increases the stress levels. High-stress level eventually leads to unhealthy eating and even natural weight gain.

What are the unhealthy habits you must stop for the HCG diet?

  • Avoid skipping meals

Skipping meals may seem a good idea when you are losing weight. However, this is a misconception that must be stopped. Skipping meals only cause nutrient deficiency. Skipping meals mostly leads to weight gain in several ways. You will never lose weight if you skip meals, it will just cause extreme hunger. Skipping meals can cause short-term memory loss. It regains belly fat and raises the level of glucose in the body.

  • Not drinking water

Not drinking water is a common bad habit of people. Failure to drink water does not just affect your diet but also the health of the person. The metabolism will slow down if you lack water. Water helps promote weight loss and cleanse your body. It can also curb hunger. Proper hydration helps in converting the calories that cause weight gain.

  • Stay away from processed foods

The food chemicals in process foods will stop you from losing weight. It raises the level of fats and blood sugar. Thus, eventually leads to rapid weight gain. Ditch all the junk foods, processed meats, fried goods, canned and dried vegetables and other foods that contain various unhealthy ingredients.

  • Fast eating

Rapid eating can cause you to eat too much. It directly leads to weight gain caused by the increased loading of calories. Eating fast makes you less feel full and lose your control. You have to break this habit so that the effect of the HCG will start. Start to end this habit one step at a time. Make sure that you have fully adopted the new eating style and habits before the VLCD.

  • Stay away from deep-fried and salty foods

This is unhealthy because oil can increase the cholesterol level. It also adds fat to the hard to reach areas of the body. Fried and salty foods will affect the work of the hormones and the organs of the body. HCG diet does not allow any oil except for a limited amount of olive oil.

  • Avoid drinking beverages and alcoholic drinks

HCG diet only allows sugar-free coffee, tea, and water. Diet sodas are not allowed too because it has chemicals and preservatives that affect weight loss. Beverages are loaded with calories that can interrupt the burning of fats.

The important things you can start doing the HCG diet

  • Start eating healthy food choices- Choose the foods in your diet food list. These are chosen carefully for successful weight loss. Choose healthy food choices such as vegetables, whole fruit, and lean meats. Your weight loss depends on the foods that you eat and eating style also.
  • Eat slowly when you eat- Eating slowly is a good habit to focus on eating and food portions. The purpose of eating slowly is to carefully process the foods that you have loaded. Follow the cut down of the calorie during the HCG diet.
  • Prepare your snack- Cook your snack by choosing food items in your food list. You can make a diet-friendly snack such as fruit and vegetable choices. HCG diet will change your overall point of view towards food. Watch out your intake of calories even after the very low-calorie diet.
  • Watch what you eat and drink- Watch what you eat and drink because there are food items that will sabotage your HCG diet. Some foods will trigger not only cravings but also various diseases. Watch out from the beverages with sugar and other liquid calories.
  • Balance your exercise routine- You can do yoga, walking, swimming, dancing or a short time jog. Light exercise maintains bone and muscle growth. You can do light exercises every morning after your cup of coffee or before you go to work. Do not do hard exercises because it can cause fatigue.
  • Set up reminders- This is less required during the HCG diet to help you if you are forgetful. Setting up reminders will help you track your weight loss. You can set reminders on the schedule of your HCG shot.