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Stick to your weight loss goal by creating positive motivations. Your weight loss goal will help you set realistic results on your diet. Your weight loss goal will also help you stay on your diet track. Do not create a weight loss goal that is hard to reach. Your weight loss goal will be your basis on the duration of your diet. You can start to have smaller goals and reach them slowly each week. Small and realistic weight loss goal is easy to maintain.

What is a weight loss goal?

A weight loss goal is a standard number of your weight that you want to lose. This must be specific, attainable and measurable. Your intake of calories also depends on your weight loss goal. Weight loss goal is also related to lifestyle changes not only in losing weight.

How to reach your weight loss goal on the HCG diet?

  • Follow your HCG diet protocol

You cannot lose weight in a short period. However, you can reach it by following the protocol. The HCG diet protocol will help you stay on your diet track. It will also teach you on how to properly administer the HCG injections. The diet protocol will help you reach your goal in safely in a step by step process.

  • Do not try too many goals all at once

Doing many weight loss goals all at once cannot help you lose weight. This will make you find difficult in starting your weight loss process. This will just make you so overwhelmed without any results. You can reach your weight loss goal one at a time. This is to make you maintain your focus and stability in losing weight.

  • Track your progress

You can use a weight loss diary in tracking your progress on the HCG diet. Monitor your weight loss and as well as your food intake. Tracking your weight can help you determine whether you gain weight or not. Tracking your progress will also help you stop as soon as you reach your weight loss goal. Tracking your progress will give you enough motivation to do more on your HCG diet.

  • Avoid going back from your unhealthy habits

Stop eating too much or eating unhealthy food choices. You are not allowed to eat unhealthy foods such as processed meats and drinks. Going back to your unhealthy habits will affect your weight loss goal. It can also stop or delay the work of the HCG in fat burning. Your unhealthy habits are the cause of various weight-related diseases. Avoid junk foods, alcohol, flavored drinks, processed meats, and another unhealthy eating style. Be consistent on your diet and stay on the diet protocol for greater success.