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Fluids are one of the most important parts of weight loss. It keeps you stay full and hydrated as your body is under rapid fat burning. Fluids are also a good meal replacement and cravings buster. However, there are fluids that you cannot have during the HCG diet. You cannot drink soda, juices, alcoholic beverages, energy drinks, and fatty milk. Avoiding these unhealthy drinks can help you lose more weight effectively.

The HCG diet-approved drinks


Drink plenty of water to make the most impact on your weight loss. The more water you drink, the more toxins and fats you flush out. Water can carry toxins and other dangerous chemicals from the burned fats and foods that you eat. It cleanses your system from the possible effects of industrial food ingredients and helps you lose weight faster.

You can improve the flavor of your water by adding lemon squeeze to it and stevia. Prepare a glass of cold water and squeeze some fresh lemon to it. Add a minimal amount of stevia to improve its flavor. This will help you detox your body and keeps you full longer. You can also use orange or grapefruit squeeze. It helps you relive your cravings form unhealthy beverages.


Coffee can help you lose weight because it is diuretic. Which means it can make you urinate more frequently. Coffee can also help in flushing out toxins and shed water weights form your body. It can also burn extra calories from the food you eat. Coffees are low in calories and no fats at all.

You can drink an adequate amount of coffee during the very low-calorie intake. Do not add sugar or creamer to your coffee. You can use stevia instead because it is safe for the HCG diet. The cream, milk, and sugar that you add to your coffee add too many calories. Coffee can improve your digestion and proper flow of bowel.


Green tea has a lot of wonderful properties which makes it one of the best weight loss drinks. Green tea is filled with antioxidants that help in flushing out toxins. It can also prevent further build-ups of toxins in your body. Tea increases metabolic rate which helps you burn more fats.

Make sure that you are aware of the ingredients in your green tea. You have to make sure that it does not contain any amount of sugar. Avoid purchasing bottled green tea or those that are already artificially flavored.

Do these drinks help you reach your weight loss goal?

The approved drinks during the HCG diet can help you shed pounds. However, it cannot help you reach your weight loss goal alone. You have to accompany it with a proper diet and daily shots of the hormone. You can have as much HCG-diet approved drinks as you want but you still need to stick to the protocol. Maintain a very low-calorie intake and avoid processed foods to be able to successfully lose weight.