HCG diet is a weight loss protocol for overweight and obese people. Your rapid weight loss is possible if you follow carefully the diet protocol. You must avoid doing mistakes so that you can easily reach your weight loss goal.

The common mistakes you must not do during HCG diet

  • Improper meal portioning– Failure to measure your meal portion will make you eat and an excessive amount of calories. The purpose of meal portioning is to control the number of calories you have loaded. Food portioning is very important especially if you are doing your VLCD. Stick on your HCG approved meals to avoid too many calories.
  • Inadequate amount of water– Water keeps your body healthy and hydrated. This is important during your weight loss because it detoxifies your body. It flushes out toxins and fats that are burned by the HCG. Water can also aid the work of your liver. Drink adequate amount of water to stop water retention and constipation.
  • Hard exercises- Extreme exercise does not help in weight loss. It will just cause your body to get weary and stressed. Stress often leads to stress eating or natural weight gain. Doing hard exercise while on your HCG diet will make you eat even more. This is because of the effect of exercise that leads your body to starvation mode. Hard exercises will consume all your energy which is needed by your body for weight loss.
  • Lack of discipline in eating– Eating must be proper. You have to eat the right food, right portion and right time. Lack of discipline in eating can cause weight gain. Observe proper food portioning and right choices of foods during your HCG diet. This will help you reach your weight loss goal fast.
  • You forgot the “Reason why”- Remind yourself of the reason why you are doing your weight loss. Your motivation will keep you move forward and succeed in your weight loss.
  • Skipping meals– This will lead you to a starvation mode or make you eat too much on your next meal. Each meal on your HCG diet is important for the energy supply of your body. Skipping meals will also cause nutritional deficiency and will eventually delay your weight loss.
  • Failure to complete your HCG shot– Stopping your HCG injection has an effect on your body. This is because your brain needs 23 days to reset your metabolism. If you stop your HCG shot so soon, it will cause an improper metabolism. You must complete your HCG shot to reach your weight loss goal.