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The HCG diet does not only focus on having your HCG shot every day. You also need other things to assist with your weight loss. When you are on the HCG diet you should take note that you are in a weight loss process. This means that wherever you go you have to make sure that you stick on your diet track.

Things that you need to always have when you are on the HCG diet

  • Water– One of the most important things that you must have during the HCG diet is water. This is very important during the VLCD. Water helps flush out your fats that are burned by the HCG. Water is important in our body functions and processes. It helps during digestion it also reduces the feeling of hunger and cravings.
  • Your HCG snack- If you go somewhere or to your work you must bring with you your snack. It’s a good way to avoid buying foods from the cafeteria and restaurants. Bring a snack with you so that you have something right away when you feel hunger. This also helps you from being tempted in eating food that is not allowed in your diet. You can bring a whole fruit such as an apple or orange.
  • Exercise tools- This is not too much necessary but it is still better to have some. You need handy workout tools that are accessible anytime. This is for you to have something to use when you do light exercise. Provide a jumping rope, dumbbells, or any exercise video guide on your phone. Have some clothes for exercise, towels, and other exercise essentials.
  • Food scale- Wherever you go, you need to track your food intake during the VLCD. You need to track if you already loaded the right amount of vegetables, protein, and fruits. This will help you to remain focused on your diet. It also helps you in proper food portioning to be able to stay on track of the HCG diet.
  • Weighing scale and diet journal- The weighing scale is as important as your food scale. The weighing scale is used every morning on your daily weigh-ins. This will help you track your weight every day to see if you lose weight or in case of stalls. You should keep a record of your weigh-ins and other things on your diet journal.
  • The HCG kit- The HCG diet kit contains the hormone, alcohol wipes, and other needed things for mixing the HCG. The HCG diet kit is important for you to have the right dose of HCG per day. You need to maintain your HCG shot for greater weight loss. It is responsible for burning excess fats in various parts of your body. The HCG also targets the hard to reach fats that are tough to lose.

These things are important to assist your weight loss on the HCG diet. It helps in tracking your weight and sticking to the diet protocol. These kits are also important for you to be able to perform each phase of the HCG diet well.