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Weight-loss struggles are common especially when you follow a diet protocol. However, you do not have to panic about it. There are several ways you can do to continue the work of the HCG diet. If you feel that you are being stuck at a weight-loss stall, try to do something right away. HCG diet seems to stop working when you reach a weight loss plateau. A plateau is when your body stops losing weight. This commonly happens even if you are in the calorie cut down. This is a frustrating reality is that even well-planned weight-loss efforts can stall.

Why the weight loss on the HCG diet does seem to stop?

Weight loss seems to stop because of certain causes. One cause of this is the foods that you eat. There are certain foods that you are not allowed to eat during the HCG diet. Foods that have high calories, fats, carbs, and sugar are the common destruction of weight loss. There are also cases that the menstruation period affects your weight loss. This is because of water retention. Another cause of stall is also because of the inconsistent shot of the HCG. The right amount of HCG shots per day helps in losing weight. You cannot lose weight without the diet hormones.

What are the foods that cause weight loss stall on the HCG diet?

  • Dairy and high carb foods- You are not allowed to have cheese, ice cream, yogurt and milk during the VLCD. You will also find hard to lose weight if you eat dairy products. Avoid foods that are high in carbs such as bread, pasta, muffin, and rice.
  • Sugary drinks and alcohol- Your body cannot sense liquid calories as how it detects the solid foods. Stay away from fruit juices, sweetened coffee, soda, and energy drinks. You also have to avoid alcohol because it is loaded with calories.
  • Fatty and oily foods- Fatty foods can stop the work of the HCG in your body. Oily foods increase your body and blood cholesterol levels. Oily foods are products that are highly processed.

Things you can do to let your weight loss work on the HCG diet

  • Make sure that you follow the protocol

There are several requirements for the HCG diet protocol. Make sure that you are following every part of the protocol properly and you will see the best results quickly. Know the requirements of the protocol that you need to accomplish. The diet protocol will guide you to reach your weight loss goal. The protocol has the dos and don’ts of the entire weight loss procedure. The protocol requires you to stick to a very specific list of fruits, vegetables, and protein choices. You are also not allowed to eat and drink any processed products.

  • Follow the 500 calorie diet

You have prescribed 500 calories per day on the diet. The 500 calorie intake may not seem enough. However, the HCG shots will help you deal with the limit of calories. The VLCD of the HCG diet takes place during phase 2. This is also the time that you have to administer your HCG dose regularly. VLCD does not mean that you are not allowed to enjoy foods. This is the time that your food indulgences will be controlled and cut down. You have to adapt to new eating habits during phase 2.

  • Deal with the certain cause of the stall

Water retention is the common cause of weight loss stall during the HCG diet. This water retention can lead to what seems like a plateau. Your body is still burning fats during water retention but your body gains extra water weights. These water weights are caused by your hormones during your menstruation. One step to deal with the water weights is to stay hydrated. This is to wash out the water retention. You can also do the apple day or the steak day.

  • Reassess your habits

You have to look back at your food and activity records. Recall if you have not let yourself slip form the protocol. Your habits must be shifted according to the protocol of the HCG diet. make sure that you are not loading foods that are not allowed. You can also add exercises such as jogging, walking or yoga.

Foods that promote weight loss after a stall on the HCG diet

#1- Lean, Fat-Free meat

Your daily meal on the HCG diet must have a portion of lean meat. The approved choices are fish, crab meat, chicken breast, lobster, and scallops. You are also allowed to have lean beef and pork meat. Make sure to weigh the meat choice and remove the visible fats before cooking. The lean meat has a high-quality protein that helps in keeping your muscles healthy. Lean protein also helps in curbing hunger and cravings.

#2- Approved Vegetables

Certain vegetables are allowed on your very low-calorie diet. Various vegetables will help you maintain weight loss on the HCG diet. You can choose a serving of spinach, beet greens, broccoli, celery, lettuce, chard or cabbage. You can also enjoy asparagus, onions, shallots, radishes, and tomatoes.  Vegetables are rich in nutrients and minerals that your body needs especially in losing weight.

#3- Approved Fruits

There are limited numbers of fruits that are allowed on the VLCD. This is because there are fruits that contain natural sugar and starch that may stop you from losing weight. The fruits that are allowed on the HCG are rich in vitamins and minerals. You can have berries, citrus fruits, apple, grapefruits, and oranges. You can also have fruits as a replacement for your sugary snacks. It curbs hunger and cravings, especially to sweet foods.

#4- Herbs and Spices

Herbs and spices are allowed as a natural means to add flavor to your food. This is to keep you from having processed food ingredients and flavorings. The HCG compliant recipes are lemon juice, salt, rosemary, and pepper. You can also add stevia if you are craving sweet foods. Stevia is a natural flavoring that releases sweetness without causing you to gain weight.