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Things that Interferes with the Mechanism of HCG in Weight Loss

Things that Interferes with the Mechanism of HCG in Weight Loss

Burning fat is a rapid process with the HCG diet. Although, there are factors that may affect its effectiveness. A 500-calorie diet is not the only part of the HCG diet. Your determination and discipline can also reflect your results on the HCG diet program. Before starting the HCG diet, ensure to understand the protocol to avoid issues.

Visit your physician for a thorough assessment of your overall health before starting the HCG diet. Get more recommendations and tips on surviving the HCG diet without compromising your health. Note that the HCG diet is not similar to other weight loss programs. Stick to the diet protocol throughout the process for maximum weight loss.

Is it safe to try the HCG diet?

The HCG diet is safe and straightforward in helping you to lose weight. It promotes your metabolic rate and boosts your weight loss. The HCG converts the burned fats into energy and results in suppressing your appetite.  The HCG diet has 100 % efficacy when you stick to the protocol and administer the HCG shots every day. It makes the VLCD bearable and prevents you from deprivation.

Things that can interfere with your HCG diet:

  • Cigarettes. Stop smoking cigarettes during the HCG diet because nicotine can interfere with your progress. Cigarettes have carb and sugar additives that slow down weight loss. Giving up smoking will improve your health. It will also help the work of the HCG diet in the body. Although Dr. Simeons’ protocol does not mention the result of smoking, it is better to avoid them on the HCG diet. It helps in establishing a healthy lifestyle.
  • You are not using the HCG injections.  Administering the HCG injection is challenging if you are not a fan of taking medications every day. Injections are intimidating but, it is essential to reach your weight loss goal. To avoid pain during injection, administer it through your fat tissue. It is better than the intramuscular process. Record your daily shots in your journal to track your dosage. Avoid administering the HCG injection twice each day. Be consistent throughout the program to maximize your weight loss.
  • Unhealthy food choices. Maybe you are not cheating, yet you eat unhealthy foods. Unhealthy food choice leads to metabolic changes. Stick to the approved foods on the HCG diet to boost your weight loss. Read each food label when buying in the grocery store. Prevent weight gain by avoiding sugary treats when shopping at the supermarket. Note that carbs and sugar are not permissible during the HCG diet.
  • Food cheating. It is disastrous and unhealthy because you cannot undo the effects of food cheating. Nonetheless, you can manage your habits and improve your lifestyle. It prevents you from food cheating and weight gain. Prepare your meals ahead to ensure that you are not prolonging your hunger. If you consume unhealthy foods, include a light workout routine into your exercise regimen to detoxify your body.

Avoid the things that interfere with your weight loss. Stick to the HCG diet program until you reach your weight loss goal. Manage your portion sizes to maintain a low-calorie intake on the VLCD of the HCG diet.