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Hunger is a constant distraction when you are trying to lose weight. Hunger comes naturally especially if you are fending off your intake of calories. It is because it is not easy to feel comfortable during VLCD. However, HCG will help you deal with hunger during the VLCD. Although hunger is possible during the first week it will just be gone. This is normal because your body is still adjusting and adapting to the intake of calorie. The HCG lowers your risk of getting hungry during the very low-calorie diet.

Emotional hunger can cause and extra spin on unhealthy foods. It will lead you in the wrong direction. Thus, stops you from losing more weight. You have to be aware of the factors why you get hungry. You have to deal right away the cause of hunger to stay off from slipping. The HCG will always help your body to adapt to the caloric intake. You have to understand that you have all the right to be hungry but not all the time.

Hunger is a natural signal of your body that you need food. You have to respond right away when hunger is already physical. You have to eat the right foods that stave off hunger. Physical hunger also needs you to eat the foods that are rich in nutrients. Do not eat unhealthy foods because it might cause you to eat too much food. There is always a big difference between emotional hunger and physical hunger. Emotional hunger is not hunger. This is just a product of your emotions which eventually leads to cravings.

What are the things that cause hunger during the HCG diet?

  • Failure to maintain a diet routine- Slipping is possible if you fail to follow the diet routine. You can keep off hunger if you maintain a healthy eating routine. Maintaining a diet routine is also helpful in losing weight. A healthy routine will keep you out from high-stress levels. Stress has negative effects on your weight loss. There is a big possibility to gain weight naturally when your stress level is high. This is because it can trigger cravings and emotional eating right away.
  • Eating unhealthy food to curb hunger- Unhealthy foods stave off hunger but it will just worsen right away. This is because unhealthy foods do not curb hunger for a long time. The unhealthy food indulgences are the main cause you constantly crave. It also delays your weight loss because of the harmful food ingredients. Opt to have healthy food choices such as fruits, vegetables, organic meat, and lean meat. However, you are not allowed to mix vegetables in one serving. You have to balance your intake of calories by eating whole foods. Loading on fruits and vegetables helps you stay in the 500 calorie diet.
  • Eating too many calories- A failure to count or control your intake of calorie can cause weight gain. It causes hunger and cravings. Hunger and cravings consume energy and may cause a high-stress level. Hunger pain will cause you to eat too much food without proper control. It can also affect the ability of the HCG hormones to work well in weight loss. Track your intake of calories by proper food portioning. You can also track your intake of calories by weighing your food before cooking. Do not purchase foods from restaurants because it is not safe from unhealthy ingredients.

What are the things you must do during VLCD of the HCG diet?

  • Drink adequate amount of water

The adequate amount of water controls hunger during the VLCD. It is also helpful in transporting nutrients in various parts of your body. Proper hydration will help in flushing out toxins from your body. It will stave off extra calories and harmful ingredients from food indulgences. Water will clean your bloodstream from unhealthy unwanted food ingredients. Water also promotes proper digestion and metabolism.

  • Always weigh your food before cooking

Weighing is important especially if you will cook meat. Take off the visible fats before cooking and make sure to have the right cut of meat. You also have to weigh vegetables and other food choices for your meal. This will prevent you from loading the foods that may stop you from losing weight. Choose the foods that have low calories or the foods that are allowed for the VLCD.

  • Bring the HCG food list with you

The food list will be your reference when you will do grocery shopping. This is a detail of the allowed food during HCG diet. Choose the right foods that fit in the very low-calorie diet. The best choice for the VLCD is the fruit and green leafy vegetables. Make sure to meet all the caloric nutritional requirements of your body during weight loss.

  • Schedule your HCG shot

Do not miss your HCG shot to promote faster weight loss. Your time and effort during the VLCD are useless without HCG. This is because the HCG is responsible for handling your body during the VLCD. I handle your hunger and deals with cravings. Do not go on 24 hours without having your HCG shot. Administer it at the same time each day to avoid missed dose.

  • Split your 500 calorie meal

This is possible and freely allowed during your VLCD. Split your 500 calorie meal into 5 parts. This results in 100 calories per servings. It will keep you out from getting hungry in between meals. This is also a wise technique in controlling the attack of hunger. You can also include fresh fruits snacks or the easy to grab HCG snack in your 500 calorie meal.

  • Create your HCG recipe

Plan your HCG recipe ahead or during your loading phase. Create a recipe following the 500 calorie requirements. Stay away from sugar, carbs, too much salt, and food preservatives. Fats and other oily products are also not allowed on your VLCD. Choose whole foods or organically grown products. It will assure you to absorb most of the nutrients needed by your body.