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The fruit choices on the HCG diet can help you lose weight. The fruit choices are loaded with several health benefits. Fruits are loaded with vitamins and antioxidants. These nutrients help lower the possibility of acquiring chronic illnesses. Fruits are also helpful in boosting your metabolism. Thus, helps in weight loss without giving too much effort in exercising.

Fruits are low in calories and are high in fiber. These are carefully chosen to help you with your HCG diet. HCG fruit choices can also help in lowering your blood sugar levels. These are natural products that have unique benefits to health and weight. You can have fruits as a substitute for your unhealthy snacks when hunger strikes.

Fruits that are allowed on the HCG diet

  • Orange, apple, and grapefruit
  • Strawberries and blueberries
  • Kiwi and banana (during weight loss maintenance)
  • Avocado and watermelon (P1 and P4)

The benefits of fruits during the HCG diet

  • It is used as a substitute for sweet foods

Grapefruits or apple are great substitutes instead of having chocolates or cakes. These can satisfy your sweet cravings without causing you to gain weight. HCG diet fruits have a naturally sweet taste that satisfies your sweet tooth and keep you full. Take off junk foods, cakes, cookies and other sugar-loaded meals with a fruit serving. This is one way of taking a few steps in reaching your weight loss goal.

  • Fruits are rich in fiber

One reason why HCG fruits help in weight loss is because of a high level of fiber. Fruits will help the vegetable in meeting your daily needs of fiber. Fiber makes food more filling and healthy. Fiber helps suppress hunger and control your appetite during your HCG diet. This also helps you stay full and keep you off from loading too many calories.

  • Fruits help stabilize blood sugar

Another weight-loss benefits you can get from fruit is the stabilization of your sugar levels. There are HCG fruits that can lower the insulin released in each meal. This eventually lowers the possibility of the digested food is turning into fat. HCG fruits can help your body in cleansing the impact of unhealthy meals. It can also help the HCG in lowering your body fats.

  • Fruits are high in water content

An example of this is grapefruit. It has higher water content than strawberries which make it a good appetite suppressant. It can help you stay full during your HCG diet. The water content of the fruits can also help you control hunger, especially during the VLCD. The chosen fruits for the HCG diet have been proven to help in fat burning.