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Paying attention to your health is important. But all too often people find excuses to get out their responsibility for following a careful diet. The HCG will force your body to dispose of unhealthy fats. These fats are known as adipose fats which are the stored energy. Rapid fat burning comes when you inject the right dose of HCG. As soon as the HCG is in your body, it automatically produces energy. This energy is taken not from the foods you eat. It allows your body to transition into healthy habits.

Starting the HCG diet seems to be intimidating. However, you will get used to this as soon as you adjust to it. The HCG will help your body resetting. It will adjust your brain to signal a high metabolic rate for faster weight loss. It will adjust your body to any physical or psychological effect of the cut down of the intake of calories.

What are the long-term benefits of the HCG diet?

  • It can improve your metabolism

The HCG diet works opposite compared to your past routine. This is because the HCG will reach your brain that sends a signal for metabolism. Thus, increases your metabolic rate. The HCG instructs your body to use fat reserves as a supply of energy. This will eventually lead to speed up metabolic rate.

  • It increases your energy

It supplies energy to your body from the burned fats. That is why you still have extra energy despite the cutting down of your caloric intake. The released adipose fats will be transforming into energy used by your body for activities.

  • Preserved Muscle Integrity

The HCG diet promotes muscle preservation. This is because it will only target the fats in your body and leaves your muscles. Muscle loss causes problems and you will find hard to gain it back than fats. The HCG diet will preserve your muscles and prevents bone loss.

  • Stave off hunger

The HCG will pull calories from your fat stores which results in curbing hunger. It allows your body to burn fats and safely perform the 500 calorie intake without any hunger pains. The hunger pains during the first few days of the VLCD are normal. It will just be gone right after your body adjust fully to VLCD.

  • It develops better endurance

HCG will also take you back on the track of a healthy lifestyle. You can also look good and even feel great after the HCG diet. This is because you will be healthier and you are now in the path of wellness. You can also save money through the HCG diet. You will not be spending too much on weight loss surgery.

  • It is responsible for detoxification

Load more on the foods that are rich in nutrients. Take off the unhealthy and chemically processed foods that lower your stress levels. The HCG diet will clean not just your fats stores but also your blood from high cholesterol levels.

  • The HCG diet gives your body a break

It keeps you away from the unhealthy loading of foods. You are not allowed to eat foods that have too many ingredients. The HCG diet allows the nutrients that are needed to achieve a healthy body. It requires healthy loading.

The benefits of the Phases of the HCG diet

  • The Phase 1 or loading phase- This is a gorging stage where you are allowed to eat anything you want. The main goal of this phase is to load fatty foods as you can. It is pretty weird but it is needed. The benefits of P1 prepare your fat stores for the next phase or the VLCD. You have to load on healthy fatty foods as much as you can during this phase.
  • Phase 2 or the VLCD- Phase 2 is when your intake of calories is being cut down into 500 calories each day. The benefits of the VLCD are to successfully start the rapid fat burning. This is also helpful in the major resetting of your metabolism take place. Phase 2 is also the time where you will start to be effective in eating. You have to renew your view of food.
  • Phase 3 or the stabilization phase- The P3 will help your body to stabilize your weight loss. Be watchful with your intake of calories as well as the food portion to avoid sudden weight gain. It gives your body time to spend a great deal to adjust from real foods.
  • Phase 4 or the maintenance phase- This is when you completely reach your weight loss goal and you have just to maintain it. You can now eat real foods including sugar and carbs. You can also add back healthy and fatty foods during this phase. The benefits of the P4 are to keep off your food indulgences forever. It also guides your body to maintain your achieved weight loss for a lifetime.

Foods allowed on the last week of the HCG diet

  • Whole grains and legumes- Grains and legumes are sources of various nutrients including fiber and B vitamins. These can also prevent coronary heart diseases.  Grains and legumes maintain the feeling of fullness which keeps you from eating too much. You can incorporate whole wheat on your breakfast meal.
  • Tubers or root products– These are the healthy option of carbs. Tubers such as potato and sweet potatoes can lower your cholesterol in your blood. It lowers your risk of having heart diseases. These are also helpful in lowering inflammation and constipation. However, you have to avoid fried potatoes or other deep-fried fruits.
  • Squash, brown rice and corn- You have to introduce this food slowly to your diet. These are whole foods that have high fiber. It promotes fullness and control of hunger from occurring. Squash, brown rice and corn have a low glycemic index. These can also prevent the formation of blood clots. 
  • Hard-boiled eggs and cheese- It can lower the rate of bone and muscle loss. Eggs are very filling which helps you during the stabilization phase. Cheeses as well are a great source of calcium, protein, and fats. It is also loaded with vitamin B-12, zinc, omega 3 fatty acids, and riboflavin.