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Losing your body fats is the major goal of HCG on your body. The HCG protocol is carefully created by Dr. Simeons to ensure a large number of fat breakdowns. It is also created to help your fat cells release major toxic substances during the HCG diet. These activities can only be possible if there is enough water in your body.

You should drink at least 2 liters of water each day on your HCG diet. It is important to know the exact amount of water intake during the HCG diet. This is to make sure that your body has enough fluid to use. This can help in maintaining a proper rate of metabolism, especially during the rapid fat burning.

How does water help during the HCG diet?

Water helps your liver in processing toxins and flushing it out from your body. Your liver can only function well if there is enough water in your body. Drinking water is one task that you must not fail during the HCG diet. Drinking adequate amount of water will conquer your weight loss goal. Thus, allows you to cleanse your body safely during the HCG diet.

The benefits of water during the HCG diet  

Water can not only promote flushing out of toxins but also in healthy digestion. It can also help in maintaining the health of your body organs. Water can prevent diseases such as high levels of blood sugar and pressure. It can also help in keeping out hunger pains or cravings during the VLCD. Drinking enough water can boost your HCG diet as well. It can help in distributing food nutrients all over your body. Water has zero calories that are why it is not limited to drink on your HCG diet.

You can get water from your HCG meals.

Light up your water intake through your HCG meals. You can have clear soup broth, fruits, vegetables, unsweetened coffee, and tea. These are a guilt-free source of fluid you can indulge in your HCG diet. However, you are not allowed to have creamy soup, processed fruit juices, diet soda, and other flavored liquid. This is because it contains dense calories which may stop your weight loss.

You can have natural fruit juice by picking up one fruit choice on your food list. The common fruit juice during the HCG diet is from grapefruit, oranges, and lemonade. Pick one fruit choice because you are not allowed to mix fruits especially on juicing. Fruit juices on the HCG diet will add flavor in your water intake. It can also help in cleansing your body.