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Fact: You can live long without food but you cannot live long without water.

It is better to obey the thirst than obeying hunger. The most important thing you can do for an effective hcg diet is to drink water. What is the role of water in hcg diet? Water is even considered as the best diet tip. Drinking water is vital for maintaining health. It has a great role in the digestion and elimination process. Water keeps the body hydrated in the time of weight loss. It will keep you feeling full without loading on calories. Drinking water is not a new concept to everyone. But, it is the most neglected lifestyle nowadays. The most important point for this article is; how much water is needed in the body?

How much is the “Adequate amount of water”?

There is a big possibility to overdo the water consumption. Too much water can also be life-threatening. It can lose sodium that is needed in the body. It can cut down the exact level of blood sugar. It causes headaches due to the reactions in the body. The exact amount of water needed each day is 8 to 10 glasses. By no means, it is important to have plenty of water in the body. It keeps the balance of the electrolytes in the body. Avoid drinking too much all at once. The kidney can process only a designated amount per hour.

How to know that you load enough water?

On the HCG diet, we are required to have 2 liters of water. This is his great guide to stick on the track. Here are some signs if you load the exact amount or not”

  • The urine says it all- Dehydration can be determined through the urine. This is when the urine has a small amount and a darker color. If it looks very dark, then you must fluid up the body. This is not a rare case that is why you have to be aware of the water intake. It is very important in doing the HCG diet.
  • The weighing scale has something to say- Weighing is one tip that is given to the dieters. Your weight can also determine hydration status. Water is needed to take off the sodium that causes weight gain. The buildup of sodium is one sign of dehydration. Drink throughout the day to control hydration.

You can also get fluid through food- Veggies and fruits are great sources of water. The juiciness can add up fluid and life to the diet. You can also have clear broth from chicken breast. It can help hydration without adding calories in the body. Feel full with the juicy veggies and fruits. Citrus is the number one example of fluid rich fruits.