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Your meal preparation on HCG diet needs your best choices. These must be the food choices that will help on your weight loss. The HCG food list is carefully made to maintain your health and weight. Each food choices on your HCG diet have special considerations. You also have to be careful about the caloric intake during your meal time. Make sure that you have observed the food portioning.

What are the things you can get from HCG diet foods?

HCG diet food choices have protein, vegetables, and fruits. Protein is an organic product that has amino acid. This is important for your body muscles. Your vegetable choices also provide various nutrients such as fiber, vitamins, and potassium. And fruits, on the other hand, are important in maintaining your health. Fruits will prevent you from the risk of diseases such as stroke. The food choices on your HCG diet do not just help in weight loss but also in stabilizing your health.

Chicken ribs and red meat are the best sources of protein. This can help in stabilizing your blood sugar. It can also help in maintaining your blood cell. Red meat as well is responsible for the function of your body system during your weight loss. It treats iron deficiency. HCG diet allows you to enjoy meat such as ground beef. However, you should be watchful on the fats. Remove all the visible fats of your meat choice before cooking.

  • It maintains your cardiovascular health

Food choices such as white fish are widely known as a good source of omega 3. It is helpful in your cardiovascular health. Whitefish control your blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

  • The foods are packed with nutrients and fights against cancer

Your fruits choices such as apple and orange have a great amount of fiber. Apples are good in increasing good bacteria in your digestive tract. These are packed with nutrients and antioxidants. Oranges are good in fighting against cancer cells and prevent kidney stone.

  • It promotes metabolism and fights other illnesses

Your vegetable choices such as spinach and lettuce are high in antioxidants. Spinach is known as the richest foods that contain vitamins and minerals. It fights against different kinds of cancer. Lettuce fights illnesses and promotes your metabolism. It also protects your blood vessel from any damage. These green choices are also capable of lowering your risk of heart attack and stroke.