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Fat is stored because of the excess calories. Not all body fats are dangerous. Some fats help in protecting your health. There are also body fats that are used as a tank of energy for your body. This kind of body fats helps in performing various works of your body. However, too much body fats are risky and may harm your health. It triggers diseases that will attack your heart, blood pressure, etc.

The three types of fat according to Dr. Simeons

  • The structural fat- This is a fat that is needed to support your organs. It helps in cushioning your arteries, etc. The structural fat is what makes up a cell membrane. The structural fats will also packet the cell with a plasma membrane.
  • The normal fat- This is the fat that is used by your body for fuel. The normal fat can be found anywhere in your body. This kind of body fat does not cause any risk in your health. This serves as a reserve that can be used as fuel when it is needed.
  • The abnormal fat- These are the body fats that extend and reshapes your body. It accumulates the waist, thighs, abdomen, and hips. The abnormal fats are the excess fats that cause obesity. This also causes body metabolic disorder.

What are the benefits of the HCG diet?

HCG increases your metabolic rate by reaching a certain region in your brain. A fats metabolic rate can help burn your calories. It also allows your body to use burned fats as a source of energy. It lowers cravings and keeps you out from overeating during the HCG diet. It will also increase your natural energy level. HCG diet also requires you to eat healthy food choices. The HCG diet will lower your body cholesterol and prevents you from the risk of weight-related diseases. There will be no associated hunger and you will also look and feel great after the HCG diet.

Prescription of the HCG shot

There is no such thing as overdosing of the diet hormone. But, you have to make sure that you administer the right dose of the HCG. Monitor your administration every day to avoid a missed dose. Administer the HCG at the same time each day. This will help in reaching your weight loss goal. The HCG exact dose of HCG will curb hunger and cravings.

How to reach your weight loss goal on HCG diet

  • Stick to the diet protocol

The obvious truth that is always neglected is to stick to the diet protocol. The diet protocol will serve as your guide to finish the weight loss program. It will also serve as your guide for the foods that you are going to eat and avoid. The protocol helps your body to reach significant weight loss. Do not skip any phase of the HCG diet.

  • Ditch the unhealthy foods

Unhealthy foods are foods that have more than one ingredient. These are processed foods. Stay away from foods that are loaded with salt, sugar, fats, oil, preservatives, food coloring and food flavoring. You also have to stay away from processed drinks. This is because processed drinks are loaded with high liquid calories

  • Stay hydrated

Water helps in boosting your metabolism. It also cleanses your body from waste and it also acts as a water suppressant. You can also enjoy unsweetened tea and coffee. It aids in promoting focus and boosting your brain functions.

  • Do not prolong hunger

Prolonged hunger consumes your energy and leads to fatigue. Hunger also causes you to eat too much in the next meal. It is also associated to increase your stress level. High-stress level causes you to eat too emotional hunger. Emotional hunger is a product of high-stress level that leads you to binge eating.

The Phases of the HCG diet

  • Phase 1 or the loading phase– You are allowed to eat as much food as you can. The loading phase requires you to eat as many fatty foods as you want. This is to prepare your fats stores for the rapid fat burning. You also have to start administering the HCG shot during this phase. The loading period usually lasts for 2 days.
  • Phase 2 or VLCD- This is when you will start to work on your weight loss goal. This is when the body will seek for the usual foods that are loaded very often. Phase 2 is a tough part of the diet, especially to all the first time dieters. You will usually find it very hard to control hunger, especially if not used to calorie cut down.
  • Phase 3 or the stabilization phase- The HCG diet phase 3 requires full commitment. You will begin to increase the calories and the kinds of food that you will be taking. This will help you to be broad in the food selection. There are many compilations of food selection for this phase. However, you still have to be extra careful about making choices. See to it that you have loaded the exact amount and food portion that is needed for the calorie requirements for each day.

Foods that are allowed on Phase 3 of the HCG diet

  • Chicken, tuna, pork, and pepperoni
  • Pastrami, Salami, and salmon
  • Sprouts, greens, mustard, and collard
  • Lettuce, eggplants, and tomatoes
  • Fennel, okra, and onions
  • Chestnuts, celery, and squash
  • Turkey, lobster, and crabs
  • Shrimp, ham, and eggs
  • Phase 4 or the maintenance phase- Phase 4 of the HCG diet is known as the maintenance program. This is when a dieter is allowed to take the least amount of sugar and carbs. This is done until the intended goal is reached. Phase 4 is when you maintain the weight loss by yourself. This is means that your body weight depends on the food choices you made. Know that the diet is finished, keep the pounds off forever. You have to practice self-discipline. Everything that the HCG diet taught you must be applied throughout your new life.