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There lot of fiber food list if you search on the internet. HCG diet has chosen the best food that has the right amount of fiber. The food is good for all the HCG dieters. I am not saying that you have to stick to fiber loading. This is to inform you about the benefits of living good habits. It has an importance to weight loss goal and maintenance in every person. It immune the health of a person and helps in preventing diseases. It allows the immune system to produce the needed chemical that is used in attacking the diseases. The goal is to load on the exact fiber requirements in the body.

What are fiber and its benefits?

Fiber is a type of carbs that cannot be broken down. Unlike other carbs that are broken down into sugar. It cannot be broken into sugar pieces. It will flow in the body. It helps in regulating the use of sugar in the body. It stops hunger and maintains the blood sugar level. This is commonly found in fruits and veggies. It prevents constipation and maintains a healthy weight. This is soluble in the body and does not cause weight gain. Some benefits of fiber are:

  • It allows a normal bowel movement and health
  • It lowers and maintains the cholesterol level
  • Help in controlling blood sugar level and achieves a healthy weight
  • It promotes a longer life span to a person

Fit in more fibers in the body. This can work best along with the HCG Injections. Vegetables are rich in vitamin, fiber, and minerals. Be careful not to load too much fiber in the body. It can cause intestinal gas. Fiber works best in the body along with water. See to it that you will load on one kind of fiber each meal. Do not mix veggies. HCG diet only allows one kind of serving at a time. Here are some of the fiber choices on HCG diet meal.

  • Chard, chicory, spinach
  • Beet-greens, celery, tomatoes
  • Fennel, onions, cucumber
  • Asparagus, cabbage, radish
  • Fruits such as apple

This is not the whole list of dietary fiber. For more options, you can search or grab an HCG diet meal guide. The official list of food on the HCG diet is carefully made by the founder. This is originally taken from the idea of Dr. Simeons. Each dieter is encouraged to cook at home. Prepare your own meal and avoid eating outside.