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The HCG diet is sensitive to every action you will do. This means that everything you consume has a corresponding effect on your body. HCG diet is not just about the foods that you eat. It is also about your consumption of liquid calories such as drinks. Take note that every beverage or drink that you have has an associated number of calories on it.

Sugary drinks during the HCG diet Phase 2

Sugary drinks are beverages that contain any form of sugar. This has unhealthy sweeteners that can sabotage your health. Sugary drinks are not allowed during the HCG diet such as:

  • Sports drinks
  • Energy drinks
  • Weight loss soda
  • Vitamin-enhanced drinks

You are also not allowed to drink

  • Sweetened coffee and tea
  • Fruit drinks
  • Wine
  • Milk
  • Flavored water

These drinks are linked to having high calories that may stop you from losing weight. HCG diet only allows 500 calories from your foods per day. This means that you are not allowed to drink anything aside from plain water and unsweetened tea and coffee.

Sugary drinks and its link to weight gain

Sugary drinks contribute a lot of calorie in your body. Excess calories are eventually deposited in your body as fats. Sugars from carbonated drinks run up to 47% and other drinks contain 83 calories per bottle. This is dangerous especially when you are on the HCG diet. The active ingredients of the sugary drinks can interfere with the HCG in burning your body fats.

What are the effects of sugary drinks on your body?

  • Sugary drinks can cause weight gain or obesity

Sugar-sweetened soft drinks contain 140-150 calories per 12-oz serving. This means that you are consuming too much every day. This becomes extra calories and stubborn body fats.

  • It can increase your blood sugar levels

Sugary drinks 7increase your blood sugar and put your health at risk. Consuming too much sugar from your drinks increases your risk of having type-2 diabetes. This will also make it harder for you to lower your blood sugar levels. Thus, increase your risk to stroke and certain cancer.

  • Sugary drinks can cause tooth decay

Tooth decay is caused by bacteria in your mouth from sugar. Sugary drinks produce acids that dissolve and cause tooth decay. High levels of sugar from sugary drinks can also weaken your bones.

  • Increase your risk of metabolic disorders

Sugars add calories to your diet. This means that your metabolism will tend to slow down or stop. Loading on too much sugar from sugary drinks can stop you from losing weight.

Sugary drinks lead to appetite stimulation

The sugar in these beverages is quickly absorbed through the stomach. It goes immediately in your bloodstream and changes your blood sugar levels. Sugary drinks can cause rising and sudden falling of blood sugar. This will result in the stimulation of appetite. Too much sugar can cause overeating on unhealthy foods.

How to avoid cravings on sugary drinks?

You can avoid cravings on sugar and sugary drinks by drinking enough water. It can flush out food chemicals that can cause cravings. You can also eat fruits or drink green tea.