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Your waistline is the number one victim of stress. This is true in several ways. Stress has a big contribution to weight gain. It releases various hormones that could trigger us to crave. Everybody has its comfort foods. Most people find the deepest comfort of foods. Every time we get stressed we usually indulge in foods. There is a surprise connection between stress and weight gain. This is because stress releases chemicals that cause the body to store more fats.

Comfort foods during stress are just temporary. These foods also give a disadvantage to the body. You tend to eat a lot during stress and obviously see and downfall in the body. Stress can determine how much food we are eating. This is the cause why the obesity rates are climbing from time to time. Managing stress is crucial but it is a step to losing weight.

The Fat Storage

Emotional stress affects fats stores. The level of stress links to the level of fats in the abdomen. This is bad because fats have a great risk in the health of a person. The fat stores in the area of the body are also affected.

Why do we need to keep the stress level low in the HCG diet?

Stress affects the body and may cause bloating. Remind yourself that you are on a low-calorie diet. Make sure to stick in 500 calories per day. Keep the stress level low to prevent high blood pressure. It causes unwanted conditions such as diseases or skin conditions. Avoid stress though it is not easy it is needed to continue the weight loss. Another thing is to make sure that the stress is gone before doing the HCG diet.

Keep your brain calm. It all starts in the brain and causes weight gain. Do not be consumed by anxiety or stress. This will cause the HCG Injections to reset and may ruin its working in the body. Some stress may cause weight loss but is not healthy. Most of the record of stress causes rapid weight gain and acquiring diseases. Stop the buildup of excess calories by avoiding stress. As early as possible you have to counter stress so that it may not affect your whole being.

How to stop stress?

  • Stay calm and relax the mind- Give your body a time to rest. Clear up your mind and just let go of the problems.
  • Drink water- This is a refreshing way to stay calm.
  • Stay away from the noise- Find a place that can make you think clearly. Noise can also affect the peace of mind.
  • Grab an HCG allowed fruits- Stress eating is bad. If you want to eat, you can grab fruit for snacks and slowly eat. Enjoy every bite of it.