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The HCG diet is direct to the point weight loss aid. This means that you do not have to undergo various processes to be able to lose weight. It does not need too much of your money and time. This is because it works directly in targeting your body fats. However, it can also be delayed because of some weight loss hindrances. There is various weight loss stopper. It may be a natural cause or because of your daily habits.

One of the causes of why your weight loss stops is because of stress and cravings. These are uncontrollable and may come in an unexpected moment. You have to prepare in case these situations will happen during the HCG diet. There are safe ways and natural technique that will help you fight stress and cravings. Stick yourself on the diet by overcoming them. You must learn to fight back and counter the possible side effects of stress and cravings.

What is the source of cravings?

Cravings are sometimes caused by the high-stress level. It also comes when you are bored and probably not thinking of anything but foods only. Most of it is caused by loneliness, emotions and high-stress levels. If you are lonely, you can connect with your friend. Find time to relax if you feel stress. Look for a place where you can reflect on your own. If you find the source of the craving, you got a lot more power to control it.

Most of the time you feel too much hunger and you need to feed your body any kinds of food. This is a signal that your body needs food. However, if hunger is coming, again and again, it is probably because of intense emotions. Hunger is also caused by improper loading of unhealthy foods and stress. It will just be gone as soon as you indulge in unhealthy foods.

Controlling stress before it worsens

Stress is a powerful thing that triggers cravings. Food cravings arise to satisfy the needs of the emotion. Avoid stress to avoid cravings. Control stress by clearing your minds. Focus on relaxing or stay away from a stressful environment. You have to be careful in dealing with stress because it can cause weight gain naturally. Do not eat when you are stressed because it may lead you to eat to find comfort.

How to avoid cravings during the HCG diet?

  • Avoid getting hungry or prolonged hunger- Hunger is the reason why we experience cravings. You have to avoid a prolonged hunger by preparing foods ahead of time. This can prevent the craving from showing up all the time. Prolonged hunger may affect your metabolism and the fullness of your stomach. It may lead you to eat too much on your next meal. Eating too much is not allowed especially during the VLCD.
  • Distance yourself from foods- Stay away from the surroundings of unhealthy food choices. Distance yourself from foods that are fatty and high in calories. Ditch all the unhealthy food choices you have or the junk foods in your storage. Take a walk instead, or make yourself busy into something. Stay away from tempting foods.
  • Load more on food that is rich in proteins- HCG diet allows healthy and high-quality protein foods. The high protein level is commonly found in lean meat choices. Protein can help in craving and keeps you satisfied for a bit longer. Make sure that the proteins are fat-free and it follows the VLCD. Make sure to remove the visible fats and weight the lean meat before you will cook it.
  • Divide your intake of calories- You can eat small amounts or 100 calories per serving throughout the day. Divide your intake of calories into 5 portions which come out into 100 calories each. Drink water, coffee or tea during breakfast and have an apple in between meals. Your stomach will feel less hunger pain and cravings.
  • Drink tea or coffee– Tea is as filling and you can have it as much as you want during the VLCD. It helps in boosting your focus and ends high-stress levels. Coffee as well as a metabolism booster and appetite suppressant. This is also helpful in curbing hunger and staves off cravings. Just make sure you drink plain coffee and tea because sugar can cause weight gain.

Other causes of weight gain the may ruin your HCG diet

  • You fail to track food intake

Be aware of the kind of food you are going to eat. This is because you cannot just pick or purchase foods right away. You have to check food labels and know the ingredients. You have to be watchful of sugar, starch, and other unhealthy ingredients. This will give you a bigger chance to reach your weight loss goal.

  • You eat too many calories

The effect of eating too many calories is not just weight gain. It can also trigger weight-related diseases. High-calorie foods do not help in maintaining a healthy body. You are only allowed to have at least 500 calories per day during the HCG diet. This is to help you transition to a healthy lifestyle.

  • You fail to eat whole foods

This food choice has high levels of nutrients and other health benefits. These are food products that are free from preservatives. It is also free from growth hormones, pesticide and food flavourings. Stick to single-ingredient foods during the HG diet. Refer to the HCG diet food list for more healthy food choices. Choose foods that are freshly picked such as fruits and vegetable. Eating too many foods that are not whole can ruin your HCG diet.

  • You are doing extreme exercises

Extreme or hard exercises are not allowed during the HCG diet. It also increases your stress level which causes you to eat too much. Stress level also causes natural weight gain. This is because it triggers natural hormones in your body. Heavy exercise volume destroys your HCG diet. You re only allowed to do light exercises such as yoga. This will help you burn a significant amount of calories.