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Happy hearts day dieters! I know how hard it is to stick on the hcg diet on Valentine’s Day. This is the usual day that we celebrate love and partnership. Thus, eating is included in this celebration. Chocolates, cakes, and sweets are everywhere. This tradition is not set in stone and forgotten. This is remembered and celebrated by everyone in the world. You cannot deprive yourself and feel like a prisoner. You cannot just abandon your diet just to celebrate this day. Here are some things you can do on Valentine’s Day.

 Advance planning- Hearts day is a yearly celebration the same as New Year. It has a set date. All you have to do is to plan ahead on what you are going to eat. Take note that there will be no high-calorie foods. Prepare both your physical and mental-self for this day. Physical preparation includes exercise and beautification. Yay! You can enjoy this day with full discipline. Help control your diet by having a plan.
 Fruit for a treat- Chocolate Is nice but fruits are healthier. Fruits are naturally having a sweet flavor. It is full of healthy nutrients. This gives more energy and benefits in health than the chocolates. Take note that sweets and chocolates have the most number of processed sugars on it. Therefore, you must stick to the delicious fruits in the HCG diet. Above all, Valentines does not spin around sweet foods but it is about love and partnership.
 Choose a romantic nature walk- Physical activities on HCG are beneficial. Instead of sitting in a movie theater and eating unhealthy chips, choose to walk. Walking contributes to weight maintenance and weight loss. Walking gives good space to express emotions naturally.
 Cooking at home- Have a low calorie but delicious food at home. Eating outside may tend to eat more fats and oils in the foods. Cooking at home gives you full control over the food choices. You can control the food portion that is needed in HCG diet.
 Enjoy the day- Do not stress yourself from not eating chocolates. Stress can sabotage a diet. Stop worrying about how Valentine’s Day impacts the diet. Take note that this is just a one-day celebration. Never give in to the temporary satisfaction of foods. Take note that keeping weight loss is important. Do not destroy the healthy diet by taking a bite on unhealthy foods.

Additional Tips
• Stay away from bread and cake basket
• Start the day healthy and create your own meal
• Observe exact food portions and control
• Do not add a bunch of extra meal
• Heart-friendly meal for hearts day
• Stop depriving yourself, a load on healthy and delicious foods