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HCG diet will reach your weight loss goal fast without undergoing any weight-loss surgery. Thus is a safe weight loss process which includes preparation. Doing the HCG diet requires you to follow the diet protocol. Letting go of unhealthy habits follows right away. Letting go of your unhealthy habit is not just opening doors to lose weight. This is also an open door to a healthy body and a healthy lifestyle.

Stopping the unhealthy lifestyle is the first step you can do before you start the HCG diet. The fat burning and hunger curbing will be a lot easier if you start a healthy lifestyle. This is because a healthy weight loss does not only follow a protocol but also it deals about your habits. The rapid weight loss starts as soon as your habits agree to your diet protocol.

Stopping of unhealthy habits is one of the important preparations before starting the HCG diet. This is also the time that you will get familiar with the diet protocol. It means that you have to study the diet protocol to be aware of how the diet goes. The preparation stage will help you adjust to the meal style and the number of calories you will be eating soon.

The starting phase of the HCG diet is phase 1 or the loading phase. The loading phase is a 3-day loading of any foods you want. You have to load more on fats and other foods that will fill in your fat stores. The purpose of the goring is to prepare you fat stores for the very low-calorie diet. It is also during phase 1 that you will prepare the needed items for the rest of your diet. Have the list of the HCG food list to create your diet menu and recipe. The food list will help you prevent from unhealthy indulgences.

How to successfully start phase 1 of the HCG diet?

  • Take off carbs and sugar slowly on your meal

Taking off carbs and sugar is usually done before you step into phase 1 or during phase 1. The gradual cutting of carbs and sugar will fully aid you during the VLCD. It will help you do your dietary fats and easy. The gradual taking off of the carbs and sugar will lower your possibility of getting hungry during the HCG diet. It can also prevent cravings from coming especially if you are on your caloric cut down. Carbs and sugar are the main cause of why you gain weight fast. These are also the main reason why your body rapidly stores fats in hard to reach areas of your body. It causes obesity and other weight-related diseases.

  • Get physically active

The duration of your light exercise will be cut down during the HCG diet. That is why you have to be more active before you step in the HCG diet. Physical activities can boost your mental and physical alertness. It can also lower the stress level that might cause you to gain weight. Physical activities will start in burning smaller pounds as well as extra calories. It maintains muscle and bone health as you start to lose weight. Physical activities will prevent you from having diseases.

  • Start to eat healthy food choices

The healthy food choices will cleanse your body from the remains of the unhealthy foods. You are allowed to eat as many organic foods as you can. The whole and organic foods are more nutritious than the products that you can commonly buy in the market. It can also bring various health benefits not just for weight loss. The common sources of whole and organic food are freshly picked vegetables. You can also start to load on fruits, lean meat, fiber and other sources of protein.

  • Review and familiarize the food list

Being familiar with the food list will be able to help you know the allowed foods for your diet. The HCG diet food list has a list of foods you can choose from. This will also be your basis in creating your own HCG recipe. It has various fruits, vegetables, and meat choices. The diet food list will be your guide during grocery shopping or in purchasing other food choices. You will less-likely fail to slip on your HCG diet if you are familiar with the food list.

  • Consult a doctor for physical check-up and review

This is the very first step that is found in the diet protocol. Before you start the HCG diet you have to undergo a medical check-up. The medical check-up will be your basis for your weight loss goal. The medical check-up will tell either you are capable of the diet regimen or not. This is because you are not allowed to do the HCG diet if you have existing life-threatening diseases.

What are the benefits of the HCG diet?

  • It promotes metabolic function- The HCG will burn fat reserves and use it as your source of energy. It can speed off metabolism and increases your energy even if you are doing the VLCD. The speeding of metabolism takes place as soon as you take your HCG shot.
  • It will increase your energy– Your body will release fats and be the source of your energy. The energy increase can help you get through the very low-calorie diet. The energy during the VLCD is not from the foods you eat but it came from the burned fats. This is why the HCG diet is safe and fats for weight loss.
  • It will balance the level of cholesterol and preserves your muscle– HCG burns fats and high levels of cholesterol levels. This will eventually prevent you from the risk of high blood pressure. It can also preserve your muscle mass as it burns your body fats. The HCG will help in maintaining a healthy lean muscle mass as it takes off the bad fats.
  • It improves your endurance– Weight loss will allow you to move and work longer. You will gain more energy and you can do more things after the diet. It can also give you a chance to do more things that you have not yet done before.