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Phase 3 of the HCG diet is the part where you should be more focused. This is an important part of the diet. The weight loss will be nothing if you will not be successful in the phase. There are strategies that can help in doing a transition successfully. Improve the success of phase 3 on the HCG diet. Prepare all the needed things so that all your weight loss effort will be worth it. There is still a big chance that you will slip up in this part. You have to be more careful in adding more foods to your diet. The recommended hcg diet protocol and planning properly will make success possible. If Phase 2 takes preparation, phase 3 to deserves all the effort. Take time and plan properly the strategy that you are going to do in the transition.

You must have clean food portions

Clean food portions mean having the right amount of calories. it must not have any harmful ingredients or seasonings added. See to it that it is free from sugar, carbs, and fats. The food portions in the transitioning must be fresh and whole. Do not add right away large amounts of food. It will harm the body as well as the digestion. You have to add foods slowly and properly. Stay hydrated all the time to prevent stalls or water retentions. Water can release all the soluble fat toxins out of the body. This can flush out toxins in Phase 3 and beyond.

Start Exercising

You do not need to go back or do the intense exercise. You just have to condition your body by doing cardio. Reaching phase 3 is a good idea to accompany with an exercise. Start the weight loss by incorporating new healthy foods in your exercise and the hcg diet. The body can get more benefit in doing a moderate amount of exercise. You may or may not include exercise in your daily routine. However, it is better to do it along with exercise.

Have your breakfast

The protocol allows a breakfast after the morning weighs in. You can have smoothies or meat. However, do not eat meat with high-fat content. This is because fats are not allowed in phase 3. Phase 3 is different from the loading phase or phase 1. The healthy fats will be added in the meal after the HCG diet duration. This is when the body is totally free from the hormones.