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A solid meal starts at lunch when you are on the second phase of the HCG diet. It is when you start to count your calorie intake to burn off a large meal. Think better if you want to have a large meal for lunch or not. Anything that goes beyond the 500 calorie allowance is at risk of weight gain. So, during the VLCD, you have to be careful with your meal sizes.

A small lunch can work well during the HCG diet. You can have a portion of lean meats, vegetables, and fruits that do not contain sugar and fats. Having a small lunch does not mean that you are depriving yourself of getting nutrients. It will help you portion your meal and control your calorie intake to avoid weight gain.

How does small lunch help in losing weight during the HCG diet?

Having a small lunch keeps fat burning constant. Instead of taking hours of walking to burn excess fats and calories, you can control your lunch. Small lunch will help in preventing the rapid storage of fats in your fat storage. It helps in limiting your calorie by having smaller food portions. Having small lunch can also help control your food cravings because you will only eat what is needed for your body. It means that you are eliminating major carbs and other culprits of cravings. Your small lunch must have the following;

  • A lean cut of protein such as beef and chicken meat. You can also get protein from shrimp, crab meat, and lobster. Avoid adding sauce such as mustard, mayo, and ketchup.
  • You can have a variety of vegetables but avoid mixing them in one serving. Do not eat canned vegetables because the chemicals can ruin your diet.
  • You can also have a small size apple or a handful of berries for your side dish. But, you can also eat the fruits in between meals as a replacement for sugary snacks.

The vital thing to consider in eating your lunch is the time. Avoid eating late so that you will not prolong hunger symptoms. Once the hunger is prolonged, you are at risk of overeating. It’s because you feel hunger pangs. So, when you are busy at work, make sure that you will offer a time to eat lunch. It is important to keep your satiety during the very low-calorie phase.

What are the things you should not do at lunch?

  • Do eat fast foods or have fried meat, pasta, burger, and pizza. Stick to healthy food choices to help in losing weight.
  • Avoid skipping your meal or prolonging hunger.
  • When you eat lunch, make sure you are not doing other chores.
  • Do not add unhealthy ingredients such as ketchup or heavy cream to your food.
  • Avoid drinking soda and other processed beverages.

Control your food portion so that you will not slip on your HCG diet. Do not eat whatever foods are placed in your front. Take note that you are on a strict diet that has a protocol to adhere to. Prepare your lunch to avoid possible pitfalls of your diet.