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Protein is one of the macronutrients that are needed for your body. Protein can help in building muscle mass and cells in your body. You have to take at least 0.36 grams of proteins per pound of your body. This macronutrient is important both in weight loss and maintaining the stability of your health.

Protein is important during the HCG diet especially when you are maintaining the injections. Most of the calories during your VLCD come from lean protein choices. This nutrient is very vital to maintain fullness and satisfaction during the low-calorie phase. You can get protein from lean meat such as beef, chicken breast, turkey, shrimp, and lobster.

You also need to be aware of the effects of lack of protein while on the HCG diet. Protein deficiency has an impact on your health and body. There are common signs that you can see when you lack protein on your body. You have to be watchful with this to curb the effects right away.

Signs that you lack protein during the HCG diet

Sign #1- Weak bone

You do not only need calcium to maintain a healthy and strong bone. You also need protein for your bone health. Lack of protein leads your body to borrow fuel from areas of your body including your skeletal tissue. This will eventually lead to a lack of support and you will be prone to injuries and bone breaks.

Sign #2- Feeling of tiredness

A constant feeling of lethargy even if you slept well is a sign of protein deficiency. A feeling of tiredness will affect our energy levels during the VLCD and leads you to drag fuel by eating too much food. When you have enough protein your body is energized fully and avoid exhaustion and fatigue.

Sign #3- Not enough muscle mass

One of the biggest duties of protein in your body is maintaining your muscle mass. Lack of protein loses muscle mass and changes your body composition. Consume enough protein during the HCG diet to be able to preserve your muscle mass. It is very important during the VLCD.

Sign #4- Hunger frequently occurs

Being hungry most of the time even after a large meal is a sign that you need protein. High-protein foods make your body fully satisfied with your meal. It takes longer for your body to digest a lean protein that is why you stay filled longer. If you are food cravings, it’s maybe because you need more protein. Being hungry all the time must be avoided especially when you are taking your HCG shots.

Sign #5- Hair losses and mood changes

Your hair is made up of protein. If you are not eating enough protein you are at risk of having hair loss. It can cause thinning of hair strands and constant hair fall. Lack of protein also affects your mood. It leads to mood changes such as sudden excitement then eventually followed by sadness, etc. Maintain proper loading of protein to improve brain health, focus, and mood positivity.