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Sometimes, the hardest part of weight loss is creating a goal. Your chance in succeeding in your weight loss depends on what kind of goal you have. Your weight loss goal will help you get through food temptations. It will motivate you in every step of the way. Set an achievable goal for your HCG diet. Your diet goal will keep you from too much expectation of your diet results.

What is the right weight loss goal for the HCG diet?

Your goal must be realistic and achievable. It must be reached in a set period of time. Do not set a goal that is impossible to reach. Make a weight loss goal that you can slowly reach in each phase of your diet. You can go beyond your limitations. However, you have to make sure that it is still achievable. You can stay on the track of the HCG diet if your weight loss goal is aligned with your capabilities.

The importance of weight loss goal on the HCG diet

Your weight loss goal will serve as your source of motivation. This is also important to keep you always in your diet track. Your weight loss goal will be your basis in every choice you will make during your weight loss process.

Setting a goal in each phase of the HCG diet

  • Phase 1 or the loading phase- Your goal on phase is to load more on fatty foods. This is to help your body prepare for the VLCD. Do not skip any of the HCG phases because each phase is important to reach your weight loss goal.
  • Phase 2 or VLCD- This comes after your loading phase. Your goal in this part is to accomplish the 500 calorie requirements each day. Maintain the proper food portioning during this phase. Do not eat less or go beyond 500 calories during your VLCD.
  • Phase 3- This includes transitioning and stabilization. This is the time that you are done with your VLCD. Phase 3 is when you have to stabilize the weight loss that you have accomplished. Your goal is to successfully load on more kinds of foods without gaining back your weight.
  • Phase 4- This is the maintenance phase. Your goal is to maintain the weight loss for the rest of your life. Phase 4 allows you to eat real foods while maintaining your weight loss. However, you are not allowed to go back to your old eating habits.