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Here are important key points that you must not fail to do on the HCG diet. This will guide every dieter to do right for the diet. This will serve as the list of the do’s and don’ts for the entire diet duration. This is not the complete list however, the important points are here. The following are the rules that you must not forget to do in the entire HCG diet:

  • Do not buy over the counter medicine or food supplements
  • Creams and body lotion are not allowed
  • Do not skip any of the HCG diet mealtimes
  • Exercise is not necessary, however, light exercises are allowed
  • Do not use any cosmetics other than lipstick and eyebrow pencil
  • Use oil-free cosmetics products for lotion or moisturizers
  • Eat one of the fruit choices in case you get hungry in between meals
  • Take your HCG at the same time each day
  • Stay hydrated and review the diet instructions

Dealing with hunger pain is a bit hard at the start of the VLCD. However, the HCG hormones will allow the body to adjust to it. It will help in curbing hunger as it resets the metabolism. The HCG diet injections do mobilize the fat and use it as the fuel for the body. You can deal with hunger by having the right fruit as an HCG snack. Do the best you can to finish the diet duration. Cheating is not allowed by any means. If you crave, you have to drink water. Sometimes craving is caused by the hunger that is not dealt with.

Do not end the diet early. The diet duration has a specific number of days depending on the weight loss goal. If you end the diet so soon, there is a possibility that it will cause a negative effect. Ending the diet so soon does not give weight loss. It will just ruin the entire plan as well as your commitment and efforts.

Be careful in purchasing the HCG diet hormones. There are HCG products that are sold anywhere that is not safe. There are fake sellers of HCG diet products in the market today. Always see to it that you have purchased the right hcg injections for weight loss. Stay away from processed products especially when you are on VLCD. Skipping meals is discouraged on the diet. Each meal is important to fuel the body for the entire day. Meals are important to get nutrients and other vitamins that are needed for the stability f the health.