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Weights gain is possible even after the VLCD or at the end of the HCG diet. However, it is reversible and you can still do something to prevent it from happening. There are effective and safe ways to reverse weight gain during the HCG diet. Reversing weight gain is possible when you shift to a healthy lifestyle. The first step in getting back and reversing weight gain is to end your bad habits.

Weight gain has less possibility to happen in Phase 4. However, if you will be careless and impulsive, you will surely gain weight. The fat burning process ends here. However, you have to continue the proper eating technique to successfully maintain your weight loss. You can still do something to reverse the effect of weight gain. You must know the cause of weight gain to be able to counter it safely.

Hunger is one of the reasons why you gain weight. It is because it is not controlled or you give in to it. Hunger is misleading sometimes and it can be the case why your weight is stalling. Emotional hunger is the most dangerous type of hunger especially when you do not know the right steps in reversing it. It is a type of hunger that is produced by an extreme emotion of a high-stress level. Eating in response to emotional hunger is misleading and will ruin your HCG diet.

HCG diet and emotional hunger

The urge to eat is one sign of emotional hunger. This demands instant satisfaction. It is when you crave for specific comfort foods such as burger, pizzas and deep-fried foods. Emotional hunger is when other kinds of food seem unsatisfying until you indulge in your cravings. This leads to mindless eating and will swipe off your focus on foods because you are enjoying it.

Emotional hunger is also when your stomach growls and this even won’t get out of your head. You keep on thinking the taste, smell and texture of the specific food. It raises your stress level and the only thing that would alleviate it is to eat a specific food. You can counter it by dealing with stress right away or by not prolonging the physical hunger. You can eat fruits or drink water to curb hunger during the HCG diet.

How to reverse weight gain on P4 of the HCG diet?

  • Know the cause

Weight gain during this phase is maybe because of dehydration, menstrual period or eating too much. You have to determine the cause to be able to prevent the effect of it in your weight loss. Some causes of a weight gain are because of water retention.

  • Get back to your diet track

You can get back to your track by doing the apple a day or steak day in P3 style. The apple day is the 1 to 2 day routine of eating nothing but apple for the whole day. The apple and steak day is commonly done to break weight loss plateau on P3. But, you can also do this during Phase 4. Steak day is eating nothing all day and having a large portion of lean steak meat for dinner. Steak day helps to balance back the calories.

  • Lower your intake of solid and liquid calories

Liquid calories come from beverages such as soda, fruit juice, alcohol, and wine. Solid calories as well come from unhealthy food choices. These are processed food products such as junk foods, processed meat, etc. Continue to load on whole food products to counter weight gain.

  • Increase your exercise

Light-exercises can also help you shed extra calories and transition back to maintaining your weight loss. This will prevent you from getting a high level of stress. Manage your exercise routine and make sure to do it when you have enough energy. Do not exercise when you are tired because it will just raise your stress levels.

  • Stop snacking at night

Eating at night will reset your metabolic rate and causes weight gain. Eating at night is discouraged because it affects the digestion process and may cause an upset stomach. The foods that you are eating on your late-night snacking cannot be digested right away. It can also trigger your blood sugar to rise. Thus, eventually, store stubborn fats in various parts of your body.

  • Choose organic foods

Organic foods keep you from the risk of various diseases. Organic food products are free from pesticides and it is even fresher. It is also more nutritious than the common products you can buy in the market.  The organic meat from organically raised animals is not given growth hormones and antibiotics. This means that it is healthier. 

Foods that cause weight gain during P4 of the HCG diet

  • White bread and rice– White bread is not allowed in the first few weeks of your P4 because it can store more fats in various parts of your body. It is loaded with carbohydrate that will eventually cause weight gain. White rice can cause overeating and it has lower nutrients than brown rice.
  • Pasta- This belongs to the group of foods that can cause rapid storing of fats in various parts of your body. Avoid pasta during the P4 because it can trigger cravings. It also spikes up your blood sugar and as well as your blood pressure.
  • Deep-fried potato- deep-fried foods can harm not just your weight loss but also your health. The main target of deep-fried foods is your cardiovascular health. It stores fats and it is considered as one contributor to obesity.
  • Fatty meat products- these are processed meat products that have excess oil, salt and other ingredients. The cholesterol level of it will be the cause of high blood pressure and other weight-related diseases. Processed meat has added flavor, seasonings, salt, preservatives, and coloring. These food ingredients can cause various effects on your weight loss.
  • Junk foods- these foods have the same effect with processed meat and deep-fried goods. It has the same level of calories and has a low value of nutrients. Junk food does not contribute any benefits to weight loss. Stay away from junk foods during Phase 4 because it might stop you from successful weight loss maintenance.