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Cheating will sabotage your HCG Diet. This is the main rival of the HCG diet. We cannot avoid cheating. No matter how dedicated we are, we often give in to temptations. Cheating is a mess up on the protocol of the diet. Do not be dismayed no matter how bad you mess up. There are a few steps to make it up and make it right. You may start losing weight the same as before.

Admit that you cheat and feel sorry for yourself. Remember, that each success is a lesson from failure. If you cheat, learn something from it. Move forward and get back on track. Do not stay in that situation for long. It will just bring you stress. Stress often leads to overeating. It means that you will cheat even more. You don’t want that to happen. Am I Right? HCG diet protocol has provided some ways to correct cheat days.

The Steak or Apple day

This consists of eating nothing for the whole day. You only have to load up six apples and water for the day. Space them out as much as possible. This will help you aid the hunger. Another way is the “Steak day”. This involves 1 green apple or tomato and a portion of steak for dinner. Drink as much water as you want for the day. These are some of the alternatives that will help you. You may try both in consecutive days. Do these steps until your weight is back on track. Monitor your weight every morning. Be consistent on your weighing.

An easy way to avoid cheating is to stop thinking about it. Indulge on the allowed food in the diet. Observe the calorie limitations. If you think of cheating, load up more on the HCG allowed foods. Stay on your low-calorie limit. The best way to fight hunger is to load more on vegetables. Remind yourself that you are on the diet. Focus on the work of the HCG hormones. The exact amount of HCG injections will keep you from hunger pangs. It will make you relax while you are in the burning process. 

How to avoid Cheating on the Diet?

  • Picture yourself- Make a blueprint of yourself in your mind. See yourself losing weight successfully. This will keep you motivated. Remind yourself of the positive changes that you want.
  • Chose an accountability partner- Have someone to correct you. Find a friend or a diet buddy that will remind you of your goal. Have a short walk in a park with your trusted partner. This will make you comfortable in your diet. There will be someone who will remind you when you feel like cheating. Your accountability partner will cheer up on you.