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If you find hard to lose weight during the HCG diet it may be because of psychological blockage. These are the causes of weight loss delay. Losing weight is an uphill battle. You need to deal with emotional struggles, food cravings, and cheating. These are some of the causes why you find hard in reaching your weight loss goal. Identify the roadblock that keeps you away from losing weight. However, the HCG will help you surmount these weight loss struggles.

How does your emotion affect your weight loss during the HCG diet?

Even on your best intention on eating you will still end up derailing your progress. This is because of your emotions that affect the development of weight loss. You have to know the basic things in dealing with your emotions. Handle stress, tiredness, frustration or boredom properly. Do not deal with it by eating foods because it does not help you at all. End your unhealthy routine such as finding comfort in foods. Seek a comfortable habit that would help you lose weight.

Common Psychological Blockage in losing weight during the HCG diet

  • All-or-Nothing Thinking

This is a cognitive distortion that makes you feel like you have to choose either staying on track or cheat. This is a persistent exaggerated thought that is not really in line on your weight loss journey. The all-or-nothing thinking is not happening in reality. This is just a product of your emotions that makes you eat too much. It also triggers your stress level to rise. It will make you think that your weight loss is either a success or a failure. This is closely linked to a perceived lack of control overeating. It is also the reason why you fail off on your diet food plan.

  • Negative Body Image

You will be less than satisfied if you aim to change your body’s shape. The weight loss process will be hindered by the negative body language. Aim to lose weight to for healthy body instead of changing your shape. Body dissatisfaction is more common for obese people. This is also linked to unhealthy eating patterns and other problems. Negative body language is also an excessive feeling of fatness.

  • Stress

This is the main reason why comfort food got its name. This is because it makes you feel so good and comforting when you eat. You usually use food as the best way to calm your emotions. However, this is an unhealthy habit which causes common problems. Studies have found that eating food to comfort stress can add up your body weight. This is because of the foods that you have been eating when you are stressed. Your stress cannot be comforted by fresh fruits and vegetable but with unhealthy food choices.

How to break the psychological blockage of HCG weight loss?

  • Make Small Changes– To begin your weight loss journey you have to take the first step. It is gradually changing your lifestyle. Set your weight loss goal and follow good eating habits. You can also create a weekly short-term weight loss goal that you can reach slowly. Always remind yourself that you do not have to be perfect in reaching your weight loss goal.
  • Practice a relaxation technique– Avoid the main sources of stress such as a stressful environment. A relaxation technique is a healthy alternative in managing your emotions in times of stress. There are specific times of relaxation that will also help you lose weight. You can do light exercises such as yoga, walking, and meditation. It will alleviate the emotions that are caused by stressful times.
  • Prioritize Sleep- Stress can aid and boost your brain. It relieves the high level of stress and other unhealthy behaviors. Sleeping is the easiest and most relaxing tip to break a psychological blockage. Sleep plays an important role during the HCG diet. Sleeping renews your brain and energy you can use for the entire day.
  • Quit being an unhealthy-food lover- Change your entire perspective towards food. Being a food lover is not as bad as long as you eat healthy foods. Your weight loss depends on how you view foods. The HCG diet will help you improve perspective towards food. Eat foods not to relieve emotional hunger but because you need to maintain a healthy body.

How to improve your weight loss on the HCG diet?

  • Maintain the HCG shot

The HCG will help in reaching your weight loss goal. It mainly targets the unreached fats in various parts of your body. It is also responsible for resetting your metabolic rate. Administer your HCG shot at the same time each day for faster weight loss. Avoid missing a dose of your HCG shot to reach your weight loss goal. The HCG will also aid your brain and maintain your muscular health.

  • Opt to have healthy food choices

The healthy food choices are rich in nutrients that are needed by your body to lose weight. Choose to have the food choices that are organic and whole. Organic food choices are more nutritious and diet-friendly. The food choices you can enjoy during the HCG diet are low in calorie. It has fewer pesticides and hormones that are commonly found in the foods sold in the market. Fruits and vegetable are healthy food choices that help you maintain a healthy body.

  • Eat mindfully

Mindful eating helps you balance your intake of calories. It allows you to track the foods you eat. Mindful eating will also help you determine when you are full. This is also helpful to determine the kind of hunger do you have. It allows you to process the right foods that will help you lose weight. Load more on protein, soluble fiber, organic meat, and fresh vegetables.

  • Weigh yourself every day

Weighing yourself is one way of tracking your progress. You have to weigh yourself every morning as soon as you get up. Keep a daily record of your weight on your diet journal. Weighing can also help you track whether you continue to lose weight or if you gain pounds.