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You would not run a race without training for it. This only means that you are not going to start the HCG diet without any preparation. Your job before starting the HCG diet is to prepare. It is not only about physical preparation but you also have to prepare mentally. Make sure that you are mentally strong and must have the right motivation to lose weight.

One of the best preparations before starting the HCG diet is to study the diet protocol. Get familiar and know every does and don’ts of the HCG diet.  You have to consult a physician for a medical check-up. It will help in assessing yourself and preparing for the weight loss. You also have to prepare your meal plan and the foods that you may need for the entire duration.

You also have to practice mindfulness during the HCG diet. You have to be mindful of eating because of the abundance of food around you. This is because if you fail to focus on eating you might eat foods that cause weight gain. Make sure that you know the purpose of why you will eat. The real purpose of eating is not to satisfy your selfish food cravings. This is to help you stabilize your health and sustain the nutritional needs of your body.

Set your weight loss goal

An achievable goal will help you do a smooth weight loss process. You have to set a goal that is not just a number. One tip is to set a weekly small goal and you will slowly reach it. Do not set an impossible goal. Figure out your body’s weight and limitations before setting your own weight loss goal. Create a plan that will fit the duration of your HCG diet. Help yourself to finish the weight loss process. The weight loss goal will serve as the driving force for you to do more during the HCG diet. Finish the HCG diet by sticking to the protocol.

The importance of mindful eating during the HCG diet

Being mindful of eating helps you control your desire to eat unhealthy foods. It will keep your focus on the food ingredients and tracking food calories. Being mindful is a good step in reaching your weight loss goal. This is also a healthy step in controlling your intake of calories. It will help you improve your brain’s focus on eating especially on your food choices. You will also be able to detect fullness if you eat mindfully. It is also able to turn down repetitive hunger.

What are the ways to eat mindfully on the HCG diet?

  • Eat at the table- You have to eat on your dining table. Mindfulness on eating depends on your dining place. Eating away from the dining table or in any restaurant leads you to eat too much. Stay away from your cell phone, mobile games and do not watch televisions while eating. It can destroy your focus on eating. Stop all your activities when you eat to focus on tracking foods. Eating requires full attention to avoid the foods that stop from losing weight.
  • Assess what you feel- Your emotions also affect your way of eating. Check if you are really hungry or it is just a product of your emotions. You are only allowed to respond to physical hunger. This is because it is a signal of your body that you need nutrients. Emotional hunger will surely cause you to gain weight. Make sure that you are sure of what kind of hunger you are feeling. Listen to your body signals properly. Eating in response to your emotions or cravings will just stop the work of HCG.
  • Weigh the foods before cooking- The foods that you are going to eat must be portioned properly. You have to weigh the foods that you are going to cook. Provide a food scale that you can use for food portioning during the HCG diet. You also have to include the condiments and seasonings in food portioning. Take off the visible fats in your meat choice before weighing and cooking.
  • Keep a grocery list with you- You must always have the diet food list with you wherever you go. The grocery list will serve as your reference in purchasing foods. It is also beneficial in meal planning and buying the right kind of food for weight loss. Do not purchase the products that ruin your weight loss process. Stay away from processed foods, foods that are high in carbs and sugar.

Helpful eating tips during the HCG diet

  • Load properly on loading days

The target food that you must load during the loading days is fatty foods. It will help in preparing your fat stores for the VLCD. Choose foods that are high in oil and fats. There are healthy food portions that will help you prepare your fat stores. You can have avocado, meat, fish, and nuts. Healthy fats help in maintaining a healthy heart and brain.

  • Maintain the 500 calorie intake during the VLCD

The 500 calorie intake is only allowed during phase 2 of the HCG diet. You do not have to worry about hunger. This is because of the HCG curbs hunger as it resets your metabolic rate. Take note that the 500 calorie diet is only allowed when the HCG is present in your body. You will be having new food choices during the VLCD. Do not eat less or more calories than what is allowed during this phase. Avoid skipping meals because it can stop the work of HCG and will cause nutritional deficiency.

  • Stay away from processed food and drinks

Processed foods are the main contributor to weight gain. It is loaded with harmful industrial food ingredients. Stay away from junk foods, beverages, processed meats, canned vegetables, and dried fruits. The ingredients in these food products can harm your health and ruin your HCG diet. Stay away from beverages that are loaded with liquid calories. This is because your body cannot detect liquid calories as how it detects calories from solid foods.