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The result of the HCG diet weight loss is visible in 4 to 8 weeks. This is when the weight loss goal is slowly reached. During the HCG diet, the metabolism is resetting. The effect of the HCG diet continues even if the diet ends. This works as the HCG burns unhealthy fat cells. These fat cells are the cause of the excessive weight of the body. The main weight loss occurs within the 4 to 8 weeks duration. The phases of the HCG diet must be done according to the protocol. There will be no phases to be skipped. Each hcg phases plays a big role in weight loss.

Phase 1

This is called a loading phase. This is an unlimited consumption of fats and calories. The feasting is to form the fats stores. It will make it ready for rapid weight loss in the next phase. Phase 1 is said to be the most favorite and exciting phase of the HCG diet. However, do not overindulge to the foods that have side effects on the health. The goal of Phase 1 is for you to have a keen awareness on how to reach out the success. Phase 1 is the first phase that does not need to be missed.

Phase 2

Phase 2 is the tough phase of the HCG diet. Those dieters who really love to eat may find hard in doing this part. This is because of the food restriction. It will make you adjust the food choices and food portion. The phase2 is when the 500 calorie diet is done. Always seek a piece of advice to the healthcare specialist. The weight loss journey of HCG is done along with the experts. HCG diet injections lower the urge to eat a lot of foods. This avoids hunger pain and starvation. The hunger or starvation that you feel is somehow because of the emotions. The hunger is normal in the few days of the VLCD. However, the body will learn to adjust to the food intakes. The exact amount of HCG hormones does not make you feel hungry at all.

Phase 3

The stabilization phase is to balance the body. This is when the hcg dieter finished the VLCD period. The dieter will not use the HCG injections anymore. But, you still have to continue the weight measuring and food portion. You are now free to add more food options. However, you are only to add more options that are on the HCG diet food list. You will wait up until the body will completely reset.