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HCG diet substantially lowers your intake of calories per day. This is because your body needs to adjust to proper eating. The cutting down of the calories also includes limitation of seasonings. The purpose of the 500 calories cut down is to help you embrace the new eating habits during the HCG diet.

The nutrients you can get from HCG diet foods bring various benefits to your body. The healthy food choices will help the HCG in reaching your weight loss goal fast. The food nutrients can help in maintaining your health and various functions of your body. These are also helpful in fighting against various diseases.

What are the nutrients you can get from the foods during the HCG diet?

  • Protein

Proteins can help your body balance your calories. It repairs and rebuilds your tissues and promotes growth. Proteins are used to build blocks for your muscle, bones, skin, and blood. Choose lean protein choices and make sure to have proper food portion. Proteins will keep you off from getting hunger or cravings.

You can have lean meat on your HCG diet. You can also choose from dairy products, nuts, beans, and poultry. However, you have to be careful in your loading for the 500 calorie cut down.

  • Iron

These are one of the vital nutrients your body needs even if you are on the HCG diet. These are useful in maintaining your blood health. Irons help eliminate fatigue. It treats anemia and produces healthy hemoglobin. It can boost immunity and restores your normal sleep. Sleeping will help you in renewing your energy during the HCG diet. It will also improve your focus in doing more for your weight loss.

You can get iron from green leafy vegetables, lean beef, and chicken breast. Be careful with your meat choices and make sure that it has no fat. Weigh your vegetable and meat choices before cooking. Avoid mixing various kind of vegetable in one serving. 

  • Calcium

Calcium is to maintain strong bones and teeth. It also maintains heart and muscle health. Calcium can help lower the risk of having high blood pressure. Foods that are rich in calcium are kale, broccoli, and collard greens.

  • Vitamin C and fiber

Vitamins will help the HCG in fighting the risk of illnesses such as heart diseases. The foods that are high in vitamin C are grapefruit, oranges, lemon, and cauliflower. You always have to consider the cutting down of calories. Fiber, on the other hand, helps in boosting digestion during the HCG diet. The great source of fiber is the fruits and vegetable that is in your HCG diet food list.