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Losing weight requires your body to absorb more nutrients. To maximize your weight loss, you have to load on nutritious foods. Nutrient-dense foods are low in calorie which is helpful during your HCG diet. The best way to stay on your diet track is to follow the protocol and load on nutrient-dense foods.

Nutrient-dense food for your HCG diet

  • Fatty fish– An example of this is salmon. This is very helpful in maintaining your heart health. Fatty fish has common omega-3 fatty acid that is needed for the function of your body. It will help you improve your well-being and it helps the HCG in keeping out your risk from diseases. Fatty fish has high-quality protein which helps you in your muscle health. It will also lower your risk of having depression and dementia. 
  • Leafy green vegetables and fruits– These are loaded with fiber. Fibers are helpful in maintaining proper metabolism and digestion during your HCG diet. Fiber is helpful in biological activity. This help prevents your risk from cancer and other severe diseases. The HCG fruits, on the other hand, are also helpful in maintaining your health. It supplies nutrients in your body during your weight loss. These are responsible for giving antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Fruits can be used as your HCG snack to control hunger from coming during the first week of your VLCD.
  • Dairy products– These are helpful in your weight maintenance. You have to slowly introduce the dairy products in your body. This is to give your body time to adjust to real foods. Dairy products are rich in nutrients and a good source of calcium and vitamin D. Dairy products helps in digestion and improving bone health.

Benefits of the nutrient-dense food for your HCG diet

Nutrient-dense food can lengthen your life and help your body in your weight loss. The foods on the HCG diet are whole and organic. It allows your body to have a break from all food ingredients, chemicals, and preservatives. It will cleanse your body from those food chemicals. Nutrient-dense foods are also helpful in promoting weight loss and it can increase your focus on your diet.

HCG diet and healthy food choices lower your risk from weight-related diseases. You can only achieve a healthy body through the help of HCG. This is a weight loss process that makes you spend less money. HCG diet will also help you to be a responsible dieter.