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Mistakes that delay weight loss on the HCG diet

Mistakes that delay weight loss on the HCG diet

The HCG diet helps you shed pounds in a short period. Like any other program, the HCG diet is not immune to failures. It helps in resetting your metabolic rate to burn fats. The HCG diet is known as the new approach in dealing with obesity.

The VLCD is a sustainable method of getting fuel for your body. Weight loss happens in combining the HCG shots and the 500 calorie intake per day. A delay in weight loss will occur when there are mistakes in following the plan. Ensure that you track your activities to trace the causes of the delay.

Common mistakes that delay your weight loss on the HCG diet

  1. Failure to drink enough water. Fluid retention causes weight gain. It occurs when you lack water during the VLCD. The body will store toxins in fat cells and, HCG will allow your body to flush those toxins out. The role of water is to aid your body in staving off the toxins. It prevents bloatedness and constipation. Drinking water helps to avoid weight loss stalls.
  2. Too much exercise. Other diet plans will tell you the more work you do, the better. But during the HCG diet, it is better when you do not exercise. Avoid working out too much that results in muscle soreness or fatigue. The HCG allows you to shed pounds even without working out. Opt for light activities if you are considering working out during the VLCD.
  3. Entertain food temptations. It happens mostly when your cravings occur. Avoid letting emotional hunger overpower your will to lose weight. Focus on the protocol and shift your attention to other things. To reduce food temptations, stay away from restaurants or places that have foods. Entertaining food temptations can delay your results.
  4. Missing meals. Cutting your calorie intake does not mean that you have to skip your meals. Eat your meals but avoid going beyond 500 calories per day. How will you do it? You can control your portion sizes or split the 500 calorie meal into five sizes. It is a healthy trick to have something to eat without adding calories. Skipping a meal leads to nutritional deficiency.
  5. You stop the HCG shots early. Continue taking your dosage for 3 to 6 weeks. Stopping early with the HCG injections can cause weight gain. The HCG is essential in suppressing your appetite during the VLCD. It controls hunger and maintains your muscle mass. Stopping it will gain back the weight that you lose.
  6. You fail to portion your meal. Prepare your food to avoid stalling. Get the proper meal sizes from each food group. Ensure you get calories from lean meat, vegetable, and fruits. You can use food scales and measuring wares to get the right meal size. Proper food portioning helps you control the calories you eat.

Stick to the protocol to avoid pitfalls. The HCG works both in weight loss and your health. There are available online guides for the HCG diet for free. Familiarize the flow to see results every day. You can also try the HCG diet for the second time around.