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What is mindful eating?

It is educating the mind to be aware of the foods. It cultivates the mind to think and decide on what to eat, how much to eat and why we eat. What we eat affects the body and weight. Eating mindfully on the hcg diet will make us enjoy the foods that hit our senses and make us stop if we feel full.

Why it is important during the HCG diet?

It will help you to control your eating desires. Mindful eating will keep you aware of the caloric requirements on the HCG diet. It will help you on when you would start and stop eating. This is based on the focus of the brain to foods during eating your HCG diet meal. Being mindful on eating will help us to be an effective with what you eat. It will help you in focusing on weight loss. Mindful eating will aid in monitoring or watching out on the foods that we are going to eat. This will also help in detecting the cause of cravings.

Mindful eating is important despite the abundant food around us. It is because the abundance of food often leads us to eat too much. Be aware of the purpose of eating. Make sure you know the real reason why we eat foods. Choose the foods that are good for the HCG weight loss. Eat because you want to fill the nutritional requirements of the body. Mindful eating is one of the requirements of the HCG diet to reach the weight loss goal.

Ways to practice mindful eating on HCG diet

  • Eat at the table- Being in the right place for eating will help you focused on the foods you eat. Any distractions such as televisions, driving or gaming will take you out of focus. This will make you load more foods without being aware of it.
  • Check what you feel- Are you really hungry or you just wanted to eat? There is a difference between the two. Only eat when you are hungry and not because you just like to eat. Remember that eating in response to the emotions is not allowed on the HCG diet. It is because you might eat foods that are not allowed on the HCG diet.
  • Select the foods that you will be eating- See to it that the foods you will eat are cooked and prepared according to the HCG protocol. Select the foods that are healthy, less in calorie and are enjoyable.