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Trying to be healthy and fit at work can be hard since you spend most of the time sitting. There also stressful demands that can interfere with your focus on the diet. Learn to manage hectic schedules so that you can continue losing weight. Unlike other weight-loss regimens, the HCG diet does not take too much of your daily schedules. You can still lose weight without spending most of your time in the gym.

How does a stressful work demand affect your HCG diet?

A stressful work demand can cause weight gain due to its effect on the bodily process. It affects the production of stress hormone that changes your appetite. Stressful work demands can stimulate appetite which leads to overeating. To vent out stress people find comfort in food that is not healthy during the HCG diet.

Maintaining weight loss at work while taking HCG shots

  • Manage stress- Stress eating can overpower sometimes because of too much work. Managing several duties in a demanding job is exhaustive. You should beat stress without doing your bad habits to avoid weight gain. Do things once in a while such as reading a book, meditation, or discover a new hobby.
  • Do not skip your meal- The tendency when you skip meals in a busy schedule is you will prolong your hunger. This often results in hunger pains or trigger unhealthy cravings. Regardless of how busy you are, you have to spend time to eat your meal on time. It is important so that you will be able to work well. Pack your meal with you to avoid the foods in the cafeteria.
  • Do not forget your HCG shotsTake your HCG shots early in the morning before your workloads overpower you. The HCG is important to curb your appetite during the day. The HCG burns your body fats even if you are just doing your paperwork. Make sure not to go on twenty-four hours without your HCG dose.
  • Avoid taking overtime assignments- Save the remaining work for the next day. Take time to spend some good time with yourself. Be aware that high-stress levels can impair your immune system. If an overtime task is inevitable, make sure that you have enough energy to do it. Avoid getting to the point when stress interferes with the weight loss process of your HCG shots.

Balance your time between work and diet. You should know your limits and do not allow stress to delay your weight loss. The HCG diet is not too demanding with your time. See to it that there is progress with your weight loss.  You should be aware of your emotions when taking your HCG shots. Avoid eating foods when you are in a stressful situation.

In the most demanding environment, you should learn when to take a break. Family duties and work demands often come together. During this situation take a break and go to a quiet place to meditate or clear your mind. Sometimes all you need is a time to sleep which is better after a cup of tea.