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Start implementing rules as soon as you start the HCG diet. You can create new habits sooner as you start for a better result. There are rules in the HCG protocol that will guide you to lose weight. You have to follow each rule to avoid slipping from your diet track. You have to dedicate not just your effort but also your time, energy and commitment. You cannot just lose weight because of peer pressure. You have to lose weight because you have to maintain a healthy body.

The HCG diet protocol will help you get closer to your weight loss goal. It is also beneficial as a guideline for the safety of your overall health. Before you will attack your weight loss plan make sure that your whole being is prepared? You do not need to lose weight not because you are fat. You need to lose weight because your body fats cause obesity and weight gain.

What are the things you need to follow during the HCG diet?

  • Do not skip your meals

The simple act of eating your meal can help a lot in weight loss. VLCD does not mean that you have to deprive yourself of eating. This only means that you have to cut down your intake of calories. You are allowed to have two major meals during the VLCD of the HCG diet. The HCG meals can help in regulating your appetite throughout the day. Refer to the HCG diet food list for healthier food options. Eating meals will stave off hunger and the future attack of cravings.

  • Your energy during the HCG diet does not come from carbs

Eating carbs during the HCG diet is a big mistake. This will not allow you to lose weight but it will ruin your HCG diet. Carbs contribute to a large percentage of calories. It allows the rapid storing of unhealthy fats in various parts of your body. Make sure to consume the allowed foods during the HCG diet. Stay away from vegetables and fruits that contain carbs. This is because carbs and sugar are the culprits of weight gain. The source of your energy during the HCG diet is not from the foods you eat. Your energy comes from the burned fats in various parts of your body.

  • Choose to eat fruits and vegetables

Stop your unhealthy food indulgences.  You can eat more fruits and vegetables during the HCG diet. It helps you in maintaining your health and greater weight loss. You cannot lose weight if you consume unhealthy foods. This is because the harmful ingredients from unhealthy foods stop the work of HCG in your body. Fruits and vegetables are more nutritious than other food products. Choose to have freshly picked fruits and vegetables to avoid added chemicals. You are not allowed to have canned vegetables during the HCG diet. Dried fruits are also not allowed because these are already considered as processed foods.

  • Stay away from liquid calories

You have to find a replacement from soda, fruit juices, diet drinks, and alcohol. It is because these beverages are not allowed during the HCG diet. You are not allowed to have sweetened or flavored drinks. It might cause you to gain weight or may stop the weight loss process. One good substitute for these unhealthy drinks is unsweetened coffee or tea. Your body cannot detect liquid calories as how it detects solid calories. It will go directly and be stored as body fats. That is why you have to stay away from liquid calories especially during the very low calories diet.

  • Choose healthy fats during the loading phase

Even if you are allowed to eat as many as you can during P1, you still have to be mindful. It is better to focus on healthy fats to successfully prepare your body for VLCD. A good source of fats is avocados, olive oils, nuts, and other natural oils. It helps in preparing your fat stores for a successful fat burning. Healthy fats help in improving cardiovascular health. These are also helpful in lowering the attack of high-stress levels. Good fats can boost the activities in your brain and lower the hormones that cause weight gain. Healthy fats can also help in lowering inflammation.  

  • Stay hydrated

The simple routine of drinking an adequate amount of water can help in assisting weight loss. Water controls your appetite and helps you lose weight. It can also lower the number of calories in every food you eat. Water helps maintain healthy blood pressure. It also stabilizes the sugar levels in your body. Thus, it distributes nutrients in various parts of your body and takes of toxins and burned fats. You can substitute the unhealthy drinks with water during the HCG diet. Water can also take out water retention or also known as water weight. Drink an adequate amount of water each day to maintain hydration and proper weight loss.

  • Enjoy unsweetened tea and coffee

These two options are great in dealing with stress. Stress can cause weight gain because it triggers hormones in your body. It can also help in suppressing appetite. These drinks have both wide ranges of health benefits even after the HCG diet. Make sure that there is no added sugar in your cup of tea or coffee. if you are used to sweet drinks you can substitute sugar with stevia. Stevia is a plant that produces sweetness and is sweeter than sugar. You can enjoy a sweet treat without having any guilt.

  • Consider HCG not a diet but a lifestyle

This is one of the techniques to stay on your diet track. Making it a routine or a part of your lifestyle will make things work. Consider the HCG diet as part of your lifestyle so that you can avoid indulgences. The HCG diet protocol also is a guide to transition to a healthy lifestyle. It will guide you on your weight loss and also in stabilizing your weight loss.